New Video: Rihanna – ‘Where Have You Been’


    Rihanna Where Have You Been TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna stars in her 'Where Have You Been' video.

    After weeks of anticipation, Rihanna finally stopped her teasing and released the video for her new single, ‘Where Have You Been’. However, does the production match the hype or is it as lackluster as Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ album sales?

    Since being released in the US in November 2011, ‘Talk That Talk’ has only sold 833K copies. Unlike Rihanna’s previous albums, the project only generated one top ten song on the Billboard Hot 100 – ‘We Found Love’, which ruled the chart for ten non-consecutive weeks – making it the first album not to yield multiple hits since her ‘Music of the Sun’ debut in 2005.

    Watch the video for ‘Where Have You Been’ below:

    Praise, glory and worship to the most high for we have been blessed this day! Rihanna actually killed that routine! She did an actual routine and gave us choreography for one of the best videos of her career! Where has this choreographer been all my life?!

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    • RichiAngelo

      Rihanna has no excuse now!

      For years, we’ve all been ragging on her for being just a pretty face. She was merely just a ‘model.’ The girl obviously has rhythm and if she wants to be more respected in the industry, she needs to keep working on these visuals!

      She may be no Janet Jackson, but she obviously has what it takes to be a more credible live (please lip synch!!) performer.

    • Ugh

      The video turned out to be just what i expected. It’s just okay. Yeah she’s dancing *shrugs*.

    • grown

      That GIF too funny… BUT that video gave me afterlife

    • Go Rih! Love the visuals! She brought it this time!

    • olly_tei

      They could have put more energy into choreo and editing during the 1st chorus, but the 2nd half of the video is brilliant.

    • SeanyBhoy87

      best video she’s ever done. no competition

    • baf

      the video is great nothing but outstanding here…..she try to dance well but does she look confortable nope…… the wining anyone? any way my verdict WFL vid>>>>>>>>>>>>>WHYB vid

    • Aye Britt

      It’s okay….nothing to wet your panties about lol. I agree with baf, we found love is much better

    • pisces2g

      Damn ppl will never be satisfied, talk got her dancing you still find Something to complain about Smh…congrats riri you in the big leagues now

    • LOL

      Impressed. Not so sure on the ‘blinking eye’ and the voodoo stick, but I’m not even tryna bring that debate on here.

      I will allow #TheNavy to go mad, just this once.

      All them teasers weren’t necessary but still a good video. And for real, she needs to not be lazy because clearly she can move a whole lot more than she’s been doing.
      Let this be a lesson, practice makes perfect. Now apply this to your vocals and all shall be well.

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      Rihanna made me scream YAAAS for her dancing for the first time EVER.
      AMAZING video!
      She has no excuse now!
      Now excuse me while I learn this choreography

    • Girrrl

      Best video of 2012!!!

    • Kendall

      This speaks volumes to what I always say about good visuals! Good performances & good videos can garner an artist fans that he/she may not have otherwise. I like a lot of Rihanna songs, but this is one I skip in most instances because the whole dance craze isn’t my thing. But, this choreo and well produced & directed video may have me listening to it & picturing the whole thing in my head. This is what I talk about!

    • Nenns

      THAT DAMN GIF TRENT!!! WHY? LOL! Loved the video!!! The water scenes at the beginning at the end were just LIFE!!! Choreo was on point! She hasn’t had a full dance routine in a video since SOS but she has made AMAZING videos!!! Her best will always be DISTURBIA!!!#thatRihannareignaintgonletup

    • lifefromthefarside

      I am flabbergasted at the extreme praise of this mediocrity. She was stiff as hell. Her dancers were the highlight, along with Dianna’s wig.

      A woman that is paid millions to entertain and only has to put forth an effort to be called “great”…this is quite laughable. Calling on the emperor to come get your people! lol

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Praise his light! Rihanna actually danced and did a great job. I feel so proud. I hope she keeps taking forward steps and doesn’t fall backwards.

    • heather

      wow I really liked the video! She did good, I’m not a big fan, but I can give props when props are due! Great Job RihRih

    • whnotaskwhy1980

      No, for RIHANNA this is a good job, for Beyonce it would mean a stoning…..for Rihanna to actually MOVE makes the visual eye catching….she’s NOT Janet, but I bet Rita O. was the inspiration for Rihanna BUSTING a move…Jayz’s trying to erase and misplace her…

    • let the truth be known–

      Liked this video. So glad i didn’t see pole dancing and grinding like some others.

    • @whnotaskwhy1980
      no one is checking for Rita O lol.

    • @Che_Petrillo

      She did GREAT!

      I wish she worked on her dancing from the start of her career, because, by now she would be an awesome performer.

    • shane

      boring to me (not enough dancing )

    • cliff

      she did amazing, her best video yet. she looked amazing

    • larry

      She tried!! Got alot to work on but her best video

    • jay

      the video was cute IMO, its good to see her actually dance but she just looks so awkward doing it lol its obvious that it doesn’t come naturally to her…

    • plain & simple

      It was ok and a bit boring. She looked like she was counting the moves. Rihanna’s moves did not look natural. I guess you can say she tried lol.

      Trent is such a liar with his comment when he did a video saying that his home girl born in the island can’t move her hips.

    • Great video!.. finally she is making an effort. Wud have been even more dope if the desert scene was in an actual desert.

    • wisdom

      suddenly everyone is Martha Graham … Rihanna brings the haters out

    • “pisces2g says: Damn ppl will never be satisfied, talk got her dancing you still find Something to complain about Smh…congrats riri you in the big leagues now”

      Ummm if I’m not mistaken, Rihanna has been in the “big leagues” since 2005-2006… This is her 6th album – you’d think she’d deliver a great video. Not hating because Rih’s my girl, but I’m just saying if the vocals aren’t that great, please have an awesome video. lol

    • mya

      Great editing, splicing and stunt doubles. A+

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