New Video: Melody Thornton – ‘Someone To Believe’


    Melody Thornton Someone to Believe TheLavaLizard
    Melody Thorton weeps dramatic 'Someone to Believe' video.

    Apparently, Melody Thornton’s decision to flaunt her nipples at the Elle magazine Women in Music event may have been a cry for help. At least, that’s what could be determined by the emotional new video for ‘Someone to Believe’ from her ‘P.O.Y.B.L. (Piss On Your Black List)’ mixtape.

    Weeping as she reflected on her musical journey, Thornton showcased clips from her youth and her early beginnings as a singer. Dear Nicole Scherzinger, why didn’t you believe? Do you see what you caused?

    Watch Thornton’s ‘Someone to Believe’ video below:

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    • larry

      YYYAAAASSSSS I AM STANING!!! SHE WENT AWWFFF!!! Since when has your fave cried beautifully and rawly like that!

    • Belles

      This explains the red carpet nipple stunt.

    • Che

      I’m not here for the close up shots.

    • jasantiago

      This is beautiful!!!

    • WonderLand19

      Love this song and video. Its a shame that people are only for her because of the stunt she pulled a night ago. thats showbiz baby. So sad. I was blown away by her mixtape. She is a true talent!