New Video: Marcus Collins – ‘Mercy’


    Marcus Collins Mercy TheLavaLizard
    Marcus Collins performs in his 'Mercy' video.

    Marcus Collins has been under the radar since releasing his self-titled debut album last month but he has resurfaced with a new video, ‘Mercy’. The visual is the followup to his official debut single, ‘Seven Nation Army’, which is a cover of The White Stripes’ hit song of the same name.

    Yet, the real issue that has arisen with the release of this ‘Mercy’ clip, which is less than 3 minutes long, is Collins’ viability as an artist. Specifically, his value as measured by his label, RCA Records. Watch the ‘Mercy’ video below:

    Despite Collins’ obvious talent, every aspect of his project has been grossly mishandled. From the rushed material to the low budget videos and basic musical productions, nothing reflects his true ability. However, this seems to be a trend with artists on RCA Records as exhibited by Alexandra Burke’s ‘Let it Go’ video.

    Hopefully, Collins would be better handled with his next project. If not then he would certainly suffer the same fate as most ‘The X Factor (UK)’ contestants who fail to score hits after the luster of their time on the show has faded.

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    • larry

      i dont like this!! 🙁

    • Mabelle_UK

      I love this song!!!! :’) It’s so catchy!!! With real instruments instead of that electro sh#t in the charts right now! And the video is so colourful and happy!!!! Especially love how they’ve used the plus-sized back up ‘divas’. There’s so much diversity in the cast too! Props to him for writing this song! Hope this is a HIT for him!

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Can you not hear the FAKE synthesized horns?

      Yes there are some real instruments on the track but really. How you gonna have real horns in the video and fake horns on the song ¬_¬

      The video was cute though. Marcus slayed it.