New Video: Drake – ‘Take Care (Ft. Rihanna)’


    Drake Rihanna Take Care video TheLavaLizard
    Drake and Rihanna share a moment in their 'Take Care' video.

    After months of anticipation, Drake and Rihanna have finally quelled the excitement of their fans by releasing their ‘Take Care’ video. Directed by¬†Yoanne Lemoine, the clip is the latest offering from Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album.

    Since being released in November, the ‘Take Care’ LP has sold over 1.6 million copies in the US. In other words, Drake has officially outsold the 1.55 million total of his debut album, ‘Thank Me Later’.

    Watch Drake and Rihanna’s ‘Take Care’ video below:

    So, were we supposed to be overly impressed by flashes of Drake in a cheap shirt, Rihanna pretending to be melancholy and a bull throwing a tantrum? The video would have been much better if they focused on the bull chasing Rihanna in red body paint while Drake beat on a pair of drums.

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    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I love Drake, Lord knows I do but I don’t understand this video at all. Like what the hell were the animals for? The mountain scenery? What is the relationship between the video and song? I need answers.

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    • pisces2g

      so rihannas the fish, drakes the bull, and chris browns the bird?

    • plain & simple

      The song is nice but I really didn’t get the video it made no sense.

    • plain & simple

      No Rihanna is a Pisces (Fish) and Chris is Taurus (Bull) Drake was the Bird coming down on the Bull

    • Girrrl

      Noooo! Rihanna was supposed to do some choreographed dances and it should have been set in a exotic location. Aaahh!

    • Ugh

      smh…Drake was probably thinking, i wonder if she’ll let me in her pants again?
      He’s such a punk ass and the video is hella weird

    • Idontseethesegirls

      Um, all I know is this video is trash..the song had potential until this vocally challenged girl started to do what she prefers to call singing. two thumbs all the way down!

    • Jezzari

      i actually like the video. sometimes art isn’t meant to be understood. sometimes it is used to arouse your imagination. it could have been perfect without the mountain and fire. And should have had more of the dancer. And i LOVE the way Rihanna sings in this song. i totally disagree with those who says she can’t sing. Then why are her al IMS, tours, downloads selling? Closet Lovers! !!

    • olly_tei

      the video is quite good, visual is beautiful. There just needs to be more going on, too many repetitive shots of drake… However some people are basic, and won’t be satisfied with a vid unless it spoon feeds you a narrative, has choreography or is drenched in special FX.

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