New Video: Alexandra Burke – ‘Let It Go’


    Alexandra Burke Let It Go TheLavaLizard
    Alexandra Burke dances in 'Let it Go' video.

    Judging by the images of Alexandra Burke’s ‘Let it Go’ video shoot, it would be easy to assume that she was dancing up a storm in the clip. Unfortunately, the singer did very little choreography in the final product and spent most of her time walking around.

    ‘Let it Go’ will be released to UK iTunes on May 27th as the second official single from Burke’s upcoming ‘Heartbreak on Hold’ album. The LP will subsequently hit stores on June 4th. Watch the ‘Let it Go’ video below:

    Let’s do a quick recap of Burke’s ‘Let it Go’ video: walk, turn, smile, pose, strut, stop, wink, lean against wall, wardrobe change, smile, wave hands and camera fades out. Did you get all of that? Hopefully you did because that narration was more interesting that the actual clip.

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