New Song: Chris Brown – ‘See Through’


    Chris Brown See Through TheLavaLizard
    Chris Brown's emotional new song, 'See Through'.

    Chris Brown perpetuated the oversexed male R&B singer stereotype with ‘Oh Yeah!’ but he broke the trend with ‘See Through’. The emotional ballad exhibits the singer crooning about a lost love as he dares to sing without thick auto-tune.

    Brown will issue his ‘Fortune’ album on May 8th. The record will include the singles ‘Strip (Ft. Kevin McCall)’, ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Turn Up the Music’ and the soon to be released ‘Till I Die (Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)’.

    Listen tot Brown’s ‘See Through’ below:

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    • plain & simple

      Yes!!! Chris this song is amazing

    • Me Damnit!!

      Other than the rap verse, I love it!! His vocals are amazing on this! This is one of the best songs he’s released in awhile. He’s really singing and it’s not about sex or partying in the club. Very refreshing!

      I like this better than the singles he has released for ‘Fortune’. I kills me how he releases the best songs for free and has the basic songs as his actual singles. SMH.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      It’s a decent song but I wish he would leave his vocal comfort zone.

    • Wellwellwell

      Not good at all. What the hell has happened to \Chris every song is downhill since he started dating his housekeeper. I aint buying the garbage called Fortune

    • sha syl

      chris is hot i hope n pray he continue to make good music…..the media should just leave these celebrities alone. music do heal the heart and soul