New Song: Brandy – ‘Put It Down (Ft. Chris Brown)’ [Full Song]


    Brandy Chris Brown Put it Down TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Brandy and Chris Brown's 'Put it Down'.

    You’ve heard the snippet of Brandy’s new single, ‘Put it Down’, but now we have the full song! Featuring Chris Brown, the track was written by Sean Garrett and produced by Bangladesh as the lead release from Brandy’s upcoming ‘Two Eleven’ album.

    ‘Two Eleven’ won’t hit stores until the summer but you don’t have to wait that long to hear ‘Put it Down’. Listen to the full song below:

    The beat on ‘Put it Down’ is striking similar to the back bass on Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ but the song is still a refreshing banger for radio! Brandy’s harmonies are on point and even Brown’s rapping matches the record perfectly.

    If Brandy’s doesn’t at least score a major hit with ‘Put it Down’ on Urban radio then it would be a complete shock. It is a bankable hit for the summer and all she needs now is a strong ballad to guarantee a successful comeback!

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    • Beyonce Mariah Carey Brandy Lover


      I just Got all Muthafuckin Life. Brandy is Back.. She slid MOANica wack ass right out the game.

      That gif explains my exact emotion right now.

    • tee

      Hot as hell! I love it

    • LouLou

      This is it! I’m such a proud fan. I waited 4 years! Thank you Brandy!

    • Aye Britt

      Don’t like rapping CB but besides that I LAAAAAAAVVVVVVV this!!!! Can’t wait to see the video and cop the album. Brandys back!

    • V

      I like it but I think the track needs to grow on me. I can see myself loving it possibly down the line but I kinda want a little more singing from brandy. This is a fresh twist on that plain R&B you heard from her on her first two albums especially, but idk maybe it was too much hip hop in there for me for her…

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      But I still can’t stand Chris’ rapping. Why didn’t he sing!?

    • O_O

      Like it, loved the snippet. Not sure about this rapsinging.

    • Kylie

      She’s going for Kelly Rowland urban hit but she has the goods to back up the hit.

    • Ci’Yonce

      YESSSSSS B is back. B-Rocka #PutsItDown. =)

    • BlkVibeNC

      I don’t love the song, but I love how it’s so different than what’s out now. I know they want something that “radio” friendly and this is it! Welcome back B-Rocka!!!!

    • RealMusic

      This is hot. Buying at soon as it’s available

    • BeyonceFan

      now THIS is a comeback! This is my most anticipated album for 2012!

    • Melanie

      I Love the track Brandy is back…and even Breezy rapping sounds great!!

    • JT

      Amazing! i didnt really know what to expect but it works i like it! im looking forward to the album

    • larry

      YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that low alto is life!! The video best be a summer banger then life is complete!! Chris should have sung! KMT I would have LIVED with their harmony!

    • NKE

      i will be buying this.

    • Paula

      I love it! Car windows down, blaring summer hit!!!

    • Marie


    • Ni

      I love it!!! I really love this song… Perfect. Congratz Brandy is BAAAAAck. Brandy and CB mix just Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theman

      It’s kinda redundant but it’s good.

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    • Jake

      yaaaaaaaaaassssss she did that! this is different than everything else out there! nothing can compare so don’t bother trying to do that! brandy and chris breezy are my fav’s and i am in heaven! my day is complete… now waits for the video….

    • Tim

      YASSSSSS Bran. I love this song! All I need is Cant Cope and I am good!

    • RaeNicole

      I think this song is great!!!

    • pisces2g

      she put it down, and we all fell in love!

    • pisces2g

      also love the cover art, hope the whole album is comic themed

    • WHOAH!!! Was not expecting something as hot as this from Brandy tbh O_O this slays and the video better too, Chris sounds good but whenever he raps he sounds like a Kanye impersonator lol

    • lifefromthefarside

      Wonderful surprise from Brandy! And give the boy his due, he he did a great job at what everybody hates him doing! lol

    • Ugh

      YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! go on girl. why is Chris rapping though.

    • Amir

      Wow, so into it! Its her little musical flourishes that make it!

    • Kevin

      i bet this will flop.

      I hate to say it

    • SangLikeMe

      YES BRAN! I love it and will buy it on iTunes May 8th!

    • Shayne

      Not even one negative responce! Brandy we got a hit!!!

      this is crazy people!

    • direct_static

      I agree 100%! This is definitely a summer banger! Next up, a great ballad and I will be buying two eleven! So glad she didn’t have CB all over the track too.

    • Girrrl

      Biiiiitch I’m having a praise dance moment over here!!!

    • Niiiiiiceeee!!!! I’m loving it. This will BANG in the car for the next 6 months for me 🙂 Will be buying it immediately. Those harmonies gave me life for eternity ! haha.

    • Dee

      HOT! This is definitely a summer song! Not what I expected but this is a banger!

    • WonderLand19

      I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! This has been on repeat all evening. WOW!

    • Carl

      BRANDY <3

    • danny


    • Tennille

      this song is the freaking hot hot…now all we need is a SMASH VIDEO

    • KendallJamaal


    • Tracie

      Love it Brandy! Yes!

    • Love

      This song…LAWD she SLAYED! The bridge is EVERY-FU*KING-THING!

    • SMH

      Make space for me on the Brandy bandwagon. I just jumped on it.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I love it. Brandy is not messing around this time. Even the single cover slays.

    • Tristan

      Brandy is not here to make friends. This song is RIDICULOUSLY hot. Urban radio hit indeed. Slay my life.

    • brandyPHUCKINstan

      no words…nothing needs to be said…brandy is BACK AN SNATCHIN THE WIGS OF YOU BITCHES!!!

    • Oh Please


    • Big CJ

      Damn this is so hot I bust a nut..Go B rocka I love it..
      Star for life

    • SparkD

      Brandy is such a lady, and Chris lyrics sound like such a kid. Brandy is about chivalry and lasting love, and Chris is all quick hit, and he adds nothing to this song. I wish an old school rapper could have been on this song.

    • SparkD

      Nobody…I mean nobody sounds like Brandy! I hadn’t realized how unique her voice was until now.

    • Björn

      This is LOVE!!

    • JustMe_Andria29

      I’m glad that Brandy is finally stepping out of her safe little box. I’m definitely looking forward to her album.

    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      this has been on constant repeat!!!! can’t wait for the video 😀 YES BRANDY AND BREEZY

    • Ni

      Had to come back a listen to this again… Love this song… Hurry up May 8th. Got get this on itunes ASAP

    • Jezzari


    • Brandy this is hot shit you go girl ,I love chris brown but on this track you would of been fine solo. love it

    • tisha

      Well i have heard better! Chris stop rapping! Please! The summer ain’t over don’t be surprise if it get’s knock out!

    • X

      This is shit. It sounds s lazily produced and why is Chris still rapping his nursery rhymes?

    • Luis

      She needs to perform this at the Billboard Awards. Would be the perfect comeback performance!!

    • Rez

      I’m looking forward to the music video, but I hope the song get radio play in Saint Louis, cause we’re known to picked up song real slow, but it would be tight to hear this song on the radio. This song is a banger, whether people admitted it or not.. Let see how it will do on the R&B’s chart. I hope it does real good, let it top It All Belongs To Me..

    • Rez

      @Luis The only way she can performed this song on the billboard, unless she has good connection or if the song get played good on the radio before the billboard chart. Or if Chris Brown performed and bring Brandy up there to sing this song on his setlist..

    • Rez

      Ever since Brandy dropped this song, I haven’t heard anyone mentioned It All Belongs To Me at all or Monica.. haha, but this is all about Brandy!!

    • BreezyTaughtME!

      I FUCKING LOOOOOOOVE it. I’ve always been a Brandy fan and I’ve been waiting for her to work with Chris. I would now like to hear them both SING on a track, but this is GREAT until that happens!!!

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    • Rez

      I think this song will make it on the top 20 r&b chart like all her songs usually do.. If you see the chart, all her songs make it to top 20’s, but I would like to see this in the top 10.. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m just waitin for Saint Louis to play it since I requested and still haven’t heard it yet.. 🙁

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