New Song: Aubrey O’Day – ‘Wrecking Ball’


    Aubrey O'Day Wrecking Ball TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Aubrey O'Day's 'Wrecking Ball'.

    Aubrey O’Day has released the full version of her new single, ‘Wrecking Ball’. However, as deduced by the previously issued snippet of the tune, the song is a departure from the Urban artist to whom her fans were accustomed. Indeed, Aubrey has gone fully Pop.

    ‘Wrecking Ball’ will appear on Aubrey’s new album, which will hit stores in the summer. Of course, that will only happen if she has the strength to stay away from reality TV for another six months. Listen to ‘Wrecking Ball’ below:

    ‘Wrecking Ball’ is a solid tune for Top 40/Mainstream radio but Aubrey’s previous single, ‘Automatic’, also fit that bill and it flopped. Hence, what this song will need is solid promotion from Aubrey and her label to help it ascend the charts. Indeed, JoJo’s ‘Disaster’ had the same hit potential and that song didn’t even rise beyond #87 on the Billboard Hot 100 because her label did little to market it.

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    • Still hate the song, but love the artist. Aubrey’s new label is tryna water her down and I hate it. We will see how far this song will go…

    • Nono

      I love Jojo, but this is much better than Dis-ass-tuh. The chorus is much shorter and more immediate.

    • Treyy

      I don’t think this is even a single b/c it’s on iTunes under her name for the label. So maybe she put this out just to hold ppl over, a make a lil money. lol

    • Dee

      Great Song. Love it very strong vocals Aubrey keep those up. and don’t mind some of these haters they just hate you because of celebrity apprentice lmao. people need to not take that show seriously.

    • “Automatic” was much better.

      This is nice, I hope it gives her the mainstream support she needs.

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    • ODayDreamBeliever

      Bubble gum pop song. Average quality. Decent production. No shortage of digital help on the voice track. Not surprised it didn’t come out of a major label (or a minor one). No radio play whatsoever. Only 3,000 downloads in week 1. She’s so confident in her talent and business sense, how could her song not have been a big hit by now? It’s a harsh world for the extremely arrogant.

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