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    Ciara Keri Hilson TheLavaLizard
    Ciara and Keri Hilson.

    Did you know that prior to their feud, Keri Hilson co-wrote several of Ciara’s popular songs?

    As a member of the songwriting collection The Clutch, Hilson co-wrote several songs for Ciara. Among the tunes penned by Hilson were ‘Ooh Baby’ from Ciara’s ‘Goodies’ debut album, and ‘Never Ever’ from ‘Fantasy Ride’.

    Interestingly, Hilson even sang the demo of Ciara’s ‘Never Ever’. The track was produced by Polow Da Don, who frequently works with both singers, despite their current feud. Watch the video for Ciara’s version of ‘Never Ever’, which features Young Jeezy, below:

    Now you know!

    • WonderLand19

      KERI is payyyyyyyyyyyed! Team keri all day!

    • Nisha

      Ummm no Keri wrote ONLY ONE song for Ciara & that was “Ohh Baby” Keri hilson’s name is NOT on the credits of “Like a Boy” & “Never Ever” Keri sung the demo for “Never Ever” but she didn’t write it her name isn’t on the credits

    • likeamuh’fukkinfreak

      @Nisha Keri did write Like a Boy. Clearly you didn’t buy the album.

    • Ms. Boss

      @likeamuh’fukkinfreak OOOOOOP SHADE HEIFER SHADE!

    • dada

      Nisha…. clearly you can’t read. It fully says “As a member of the songwriting collection The Clutch, Hilson co-wrote several songs for Ciara.” So aslong as the clutch is in the credits then she was apart of the writing.

    • BeyBoy

      Who cares? All these songs were flops. Anyway…in more important news…

    • industrydramaqween

      Sorry but if u wanna get technical ms holding only wrote on of ciara songs and that is ooh baby which also sang background kii,the other songs do NOT HAVE KERI LISTED IN THE CREDITS!!

    • likeamuh’fukkinfreak

      Well I have Ciara: The Evolution on my lap right now & Keri’s name is on Like A Boy. I never got Goodies so I can’t verify for Ooh Baby.

    • Jaytuecnhi

      Dead @ a C stan trying to discredit Keri and did not even by there fave artist album to clearly see Keri name in the credits and thank yous *sips*

    • L>E>M>B

      What was their feud about?

    • Why are keri hilson fans going on over writing credits? Keri is a 1 hit one wonder only hit she has is knowck you down and a Gold album *trina giggles*

    • SiS

      Umm… Keri didnt write no seven songs for Ciara. Keri said in a interview She wrote with Ciara on “Ooh Baby” and She sung the Demo for “Never Ever” thats it. She didnt Write “Like A Boy”. Ciara and Keri arent “Feuding” either so……

      Trent is WAAAAAYYYYY off with this one.

    • Motherfucker Jones

      Yea…..Keri only wrote 1 song for Ciara.

      The Clutch is a writing team of like 5 people. Just because “The Clutch” wrote it doesn’t mean all 5 members had a hand in it. Most of the time, they separate and write individually for artists, but jot down CLUTCH because that’s the name they go by. Keri stopped writing with them when she tried to persue her own career. She then began writing stuff for other people & putting her own name under the credits.

      Sorry, Trent, but this is all wrong.

    • Motherfucker Jones

      And Ester Dean wrote NE….

    • Jaytuecnhi

      Why is this one Ciara fan making all these accounts to save face Keri wrote on Never Ever, Ooh Baby, Like A Boy get over it

    • Ocean

      She only wrote 3 songs and ciara is better than keri anyway so

    • SC.

      Who gives you these facts?

      Keri Hilson is only credited on Ooh Baby, she only sang the demo for Never Ever… she has no credits.

      As for Like A Boy, she also has no writing credits.

      So that’s ONE song she wrote for Ciara.


    • Um sorry but Keri only wrote 1 song for Ciara which is Ohh Baby she was credited for that and clearly yall cant read if yall saw keri name on Like A Boy (Writers –> Ciara, Candice Nelson, Balewa Muhammad, J. Que, Ezekiel Lewis, and Calvin Kenon and Never Ever (Writers –> Elvis Williams, Ciara Harris, Ester Dean, Jay Jenkins

    • Cystal

      Keri DID write Like a Boy though. It’s on her Wikipedia page, her personal bio on her website and everything

    • Ms Boss

      I just CAN’T with these Ciara and Keri fans arguing as if they’re relevant…I CAN’T!!!!

    • SC.

      Relevant enough for you to comment on it.


    • SC.

      The Clutch consists of Candice Clotiel “Gg” Nelson, Ezekiel L “(E)Zeke” Lewis, Patrick Michael “J. Que” Smith, Balewa Muhammad and Keri Lynn Hilson. Any combination of two or more of the five writers on a song is considered a track “written by The Clutch” as they rarely work as a complete fivesome.

      Please research before you post, thank you.

    • Ms. Boss

      @SC Soooooooo Keri did write Ooh Baby and Never Ever (she even sang the demo AND said she wrote it on Twitter). What’s your point? YOU seem PRESSED. Suck a DICK before you speak to me.

    • Gloria

      How did she write it when there is more than one writer listed. And where are these “several” songs?