Monica Previews ‘New Life’ Songs


    Monica New Life TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Monica's 'New Life' deluxe edition.

    Just ahead of the April 10th release of her ‘New Life’ album, Monica has issued a preview of five new songs from the record. Yet, are these songs stronger than the lackluster singles ‘Anything (To Find You) (Ft. Rick Ross)’ and ‘It All Belongs To Me (Ft. Brandy)’?

    Among the ‘New Life’ tunes previewed by Monica are ‘Daddy’s Good Girl’, ‘Cry’ and ‘Catch Me’. Clearly targeting the R&B niche market, the tracks feature the singer crooning in her usual mid-range comfort zone.

    The Lava Lizard’s full review of Monica’s ‘New Life’ will be live next week!¬†However, listen to some of the tracks below and be your own judge:

    1. Daddy’s Good Girl

    2. Man Who Has Everything

    3. Cry

    4. Catch Me

    5. In 3D

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    • …::::yawn:::… I love Monica, but so far I am very bored with this era of music.

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    • NewLife-4/10

      3D is sooooooo beautiful i think as of right now…my favorite (the vocals, the message, its just giving me Monica standing with a mic and a sexy @ss dress with lights, coming down as she breaks it down…(i can dream)

      Cry-her smooth vocals and control is killing this song, Man who has everything ughhhh i cant deal, she is killing it and the beat is hot!!!! Daddy’s good girl….the G.O.O.D part….where is my wig?? She snatched! Breathe is really nice too, love how she tried something different…COME ON NEW LIFE!!!! 4-10!!

    • ALIM

      HOT HOT HOT—- NEW LIFE—- APRIL 10, 2012

    • ALIM


    • Beyonce Mariah Carey & Brandy Lover


      BO BITCH. Monica melnutrition ass has been doing this same sound since her first album. She is boring.

      She needs to branch out. This is why I say Brandy is better. She always stayed true to R&b but none of her albums sound the same while Monica continues to release b sides from Miss Thing.

    • pisces2g

      Lmao ^^^ so true

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    • R@@

      So FAR so good Cant wait to hear In 3D and Man Who Has Everything…I Need Another R&B album from her still standing was good but It was a bit blah hopefully she gives a little umph with NEW life…!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Out of the 5, In 3D is the most interesting. I feel like Monica is too damn comfortable musically. Someone needs to shake things up within her camp because her music is not holding my attention like I want it to.

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    • KendallJamaal

      Far from impressed so far.

    • danny

      Yikes… I can’t say im feeling these at all…. Sorry Monica, maybe you came back too soon? Sounds pretty dry.

    • Tough Truth

      whoa 3d is definitely a banger for top radio and billboard spots. I love Man Down and cry. I will get the CD when its released. Here is my overall feelings about the releases and other songs MOnica has recorded and MOnica’s career:
      She has amazing tracks that were never released and are far better in appeal than her current efforts. I wonder what happened to them and why arent they on the CD. Her previous effort Still Standing had atleast 3 other songs that could have been released as singles but never were. I dont understand. Lastly, Monica’s incomparable vocal styling and delivery is what Beyonce and most other pop starlets desire to naturally achieve but they dont have it and they rely on hype and over production to make a mark. Why is Monica so slept on? She is legendary as far as her Vocals and she should be on another plateau by now

    • Beyonce Mariah Carey & Brandy Lover+

      @Tough Truth

      Bitch please, Beyonce doesn’t rely on production. Her vocals are what make most of her uptempos great. They are revolved around her harmonies & arrangements.

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    • Brandnew

      If she makes man who has everything a single she will FLOP good song but cry and 3D will save her ass !!! I say go with cry and then try 3D