Melanie Fiona Rocks ‘Live! With Kelly’


    Melanie Fiona Live with Kelly TheLavaLizard
    Melanie Fiona performs 'This Time' on 'Live! with Kelly'.

    Melanie Fiona still has the motivation to promote her ‘The MF Life’ album, despite the albums slow start on the charts. Indeed, the singer appeared on ‘Live! with Kelly’ yesterday where she proved that she is still quite eager to make the album a success.

    Performing her latest single, ‘This Time’, Fiona sought to prove that true talent always rises to the top. This wasn’t the first time that she delivered a live rendition of ‘This Time’, though. She previously sang the song alongside J. Cole on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.

    Watch Fiona perform ‘This Time’ on ‘Kelly’ below:


    • T.Davis

      Her album is amazing! True r&b music. These people out how dont care for that. They focus on clothes, gimmicks and EXTRANESS. Even if she doesnt sell millions she will go down as a true vocalist and as a artist that’s the best things you can hear about your talent.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Good performance but she should’ve performed “Wrong Side…”. I love that song. And “Watch Me Work” needs to be a single.

    • Yami

      …sorry! Have to admit the songs are horrible, not edgy & no rythym to them. I’ll admit though, she has talent, is very infectious to look at, and very pleasing eye candy. She just needs a few good hits, and she’s there!

    • T.Davis

      @Yami Did you listen to the whole album?! Clearly you like up in the club type songs aka those urban pop song. If thats the cause then Melanie is NOT for you.

    • Yami

      …@T.Davis no I did not. I jus listened to 30sec. snippets from iTunes

    • Mandy

      I have to agree, Melanie Fiona album is just horrible and depressing to listen to. Most of the songs are about being heartbroken over a man.