Lady Gaga Lauches ‘Born This Way Ball Tour’ In Seoul


    Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball TheLavaLizard
    Lady Gaga opens her 'Born This Way Ball Tour' in Seoul.

    Lady Gaga kicked off her ‘Born This Way Ball Tour’ today and footage of the first show has already hit the web!  Performing at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium in South Korea, the Pop megastar delivered renditions of several of her biggest hits, including ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Born this Way’.

    Gaga’s next ‘Born This Way Ball’ show will be hosted in Hong Kong on May 2nd. Watch her perform in Seoul below:

    ‘Band Romance’


    ‘Born this Way’



    • I am SOOOO ready for this show to come to the USA!!!!

    • Derrick

      i love love love her. i need her to hury up and come to the USA like now. GAGA !!!!

    • Ugh

      I don’t wanna watch these videos. This bitch better hurry up and announce her north american dates.

    • The new freak shows are called concerts

    • UM… tbh this looks boring as fuck, I’m sure if you’re a fan and there then the atmosphere will make it seem better but this just looks lame if looked at from a neutral stance.
      Also since when was she a “megastar” shouldn’t a megastar have at least one album that’s sold at least 10m ww???

    • @thatboyluke well her first album has sold over ten million copies world wide, the power of google

    • @Itsandre nope, That’s the power of gaga and her stans using inflated numbers… “The Fame” has SHIPPED 10m ww but it’s actually SOLD 8m copies, Gaga always acts like shipments are sales to make herself look better.

    • Antonio

      The Fame has actually sold 12 million copies WW, The Fame Monster and Born This Way have each sold around 6.5 million copies WW and if you’re not a Gaga fan, why would you even comment on an article about her. LOL

    • Nadia

      I have to comment on this for the sake of music. Her songs are cheap popsongs, she only got this far, Cause of her crazy outfits. Her voice is decent, but that’s the only thing. Her piano play is awful! This woman is making money just because y’all fall for her “talent”. Smh

    • X

      LOL at those horrendous outfits

    • @Antonio those are her SHIPMENT figures… get a grip, Also i commented on her post because I wanted to see if her tour looked as good as her last one which IMO it doesn’t, dorry aren’t I allowed an opinion???

    • Tim

      She needs to fire her choreographer. I think she will get a new stage design when she hits the U.S.

    • .

      Actually if you’re getting technical about The Fame’s ww sales, it’s around 15 million now, so…

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