Kelly Clarkson Honors Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston


    Kelly Clarkson Tamyra Gray When You Believe TheLavaLizard
    Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray cover 'When You Believe'.

    Kelly Clarkson conquered Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ so it was time to try a more difficult song. Teaming with her her former ‘American Idol’ comrade Tamyra Gray, the songbird accepted the challenge of singing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s ‘When You Believe’ as she honored her favourite divas.

    Belting for a¬†Los Angeles crowd last evening, Clarkson and Gray stuck to the arrangement of ‘When You Believe’ as the soared through the octaves. However, unlike a typical¬†karaoke singer, they actually sounded great!

    Watch Clarkson and Gray’s rendition of ‘When You Believe’ below:


    • cliff

      i wanted kelly to sing Mariah’s part but nevertheless happy they decided to cover this song, but they sounded amazing !!

    • Kendall

      We all know Tamyra shoulda won that season

    • Ariana

      I don’t know what’s been going on with Miss Clarkson lately but her performances are so boring. Girl, you’re pulling a Leona Lewis, is great to pay homage but do your thing and promote your songs instead. The singing was okay but her voice compared to Mariah or Whitney? Really? She could never! I like her but … ugh. I don’t know the other girl but she sang nicely too.

    • Why Bother?

      That sounds amazing! I need a recorded version of this.

    • The Truth

      Great Job! They did the Shoop Shoop together song a month or so ago.
      Kelly and Tamyra sound good together their harmonies were great! They didn’t try to overdue it or have a scream fest. Great job ladies!

    • Fadddy


    • Shea Butter

      Although I’am a fan of Ms.Clarkson, Ms.Gray gave me the vocals. She really used her falsetto well and her transitions were great. Makes wonder why she never got any major play… well not really I know how the game works…

    • hesings

      they smashed it

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