Kelly Clarkson Covers Mariah Carey’s ‘Can’t Let Go’


    Kelly Clarkson TheLavaLizard
    Kelly Clarkson performs during her 'Stronger Tour'.

    Kelly Clarkson is truly a major Mariah Carey fan because she has honored the diva yet again. During her ‘Stronger Tour’ stop in Wenatchee last evening, the singer covered Carey’s classic ballad ‘Can’t Let Go’ and delighted her audience with the 1990s flashback.

    Earlier this month, Clarkson was joined by Tamyra Gray as she celebrated Carey and the late Whitney Houston with a rendition of ‘When You Believe’. However, Clarkson performed her latest dedication to Carey by herself last night. Watch her in action below (at 3:25):

    Clarkson has obviously been studying Carey’s music because she masterfully imitated almost every facet of the song. She is such a talented vocalist and it is astonishing how she manages to adapt her voice to almost any tune.

    Carey rarely performed ‘Can’t Let Go’ during the last few years but she did sing the climax of the song during her ‘Adventures of Mimi Tour’. Watch her unleash a flurry of high notes at the 2006 New York City show below:

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    • MyCooL

      WOW WOW WOW!!!! Kelly’s voice fits the song perfectly! Not only did she do justice to the song, but she made it her own.

    • Girrrl

      She has courage to sing any song from the Emotions album. Mariah was not playing with that one.

    • kingphoenix

      Is she a cover artist now? Like wow you have so much talent but really, know body is going to take you serious doing all these covers and not making a mark of your own, covers are only for special events/concerts, deaths, or tributes….I guess.

    • Ted Gerula

      Loved this cover by Kelly. She always loved Mariah and she made this song her own. What a VOICE!!!!

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    • Katy

      Kingphoenix: Kelly does one fan requested cover song each show on her latest tour ‘Stronger’. So this was just the fan request for this show. It’s pretty awesome that she can sing a different fan request for each show and still kick ass at each one. Don’t know many artists these days that can do that.

    • All the great artists perform covers and pay homage to fellow musicians. It’s an exciting part of concerts for fans to see a new interpretation of the song. Kelly did an amazing job and I’m sure Mariah enjoyed seeing her do that.

    • Salem

      She sang it better than Mariah, and Kelly sings live!

    • NO ONE bests Mariah but it’s nice to see some new gals TRY.

    • NO ONE beats Mariah but it’s nice to see some new gals TRY.

    • Theman

      Kelly’s great, Mariah is just awesome.