Jessie J Hits High Notes On ‘The Voice’


    Jessie J The Voice TheLavaLizard
    Jessie J performs on 'The Voice'.

    Jessie J is a coach on ‘The Voice (UK)’ but that didn’t stop her from appearing the US version of the show. The songbird belted her biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit, ‘Domino’, and showed Christina Aguilera’s team how a real vocalist sounds.

    Earlier this week, Jessie J released the video for her new UK single, ‘Laser Light (Ft. David Guetta)’. The tune will be available on May 14th but there has yet to be any confirmation of a US release date.

    Watch Jessie J perform on ‘The Voice’ below:


    • WonderLand19

      She sounded great. Loved the last note 🙂
      I wonder why she is still promoting ‘Domino’ when she released that last year around october? *KanyeShrug* 🙂

    • Ashanti

      This is nothing, I’ve seen her do more than that 😉

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    • Hannah

      Jessie J sounds amazing, looks amazing and has an amazing personality! She is by far the best artist around 🙂