Janet Jackson Boasts New Slim Figure With Nutrisystem


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    Janet Jackson shows off her new slim figure in Nutrisystem ads.

    The first step in every diva comeback is to get the right look and Janet Jackson is achieved her goal! Thanks to her partnership with Nutrisystem, the icon has loss weight and reclaimed her incredibly toned physique.

    Jackson flaunted her shrunken frame in a new commercial for Nutrisystem as she motivated her fans to join the programme. Hopefully, she is also working on a new album and a return to the charts to accompany her regained confidence.

    Watch Jackson’s new Nutrisystem ad below:

    Info via USA Today!


    • Dani

      She looks AMAZE-BALLS!!!! Even with meat on her, she is drop dead gorgeous!!

    • Beyfan

      SHE STILL DONT GOT THE BODY OF THE KANG BEY, King Bey JUST had a baby and got her fuckin bangin body back, so that says alot, if you got it flant it bitch, and she has to work to get it unlike the Kang

    • Stoney-Brie

      she looks amazing, im soo speechless!!! can’t wait for new music!

      @beyfan what’s a “Kang Bey” ?

    • Beyfan

      Choke on my booty juices bucktooth bitch stupid Brie

    • QUEEEN

    • Amir

      Now THAT’S what 45 is supposed to look like! She looks wonderful!

    • Cliff

      wow she looks fucking amazing, yes a new album would be great !

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