Hot Pics: Rihanna Revives Black Hair


    Rihanna black hair TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna shows off her new black hairstyle.

    We always know when Rihanna is planning a new album because she changes her hairstyle to commemorate the event. Indeed, as predicted, the trendy Ms. Fenty has unveiled her latest hairdo just days after announcing that she has started developing a new record.

    Remember when Rihanna proclaimed that she would stop changing her hairstyles because she doesn’t want to be classed as a gimmick? If not then click here to read her┬áhumorous┬áhypocrisy!

    What do you think of the pics?

    • Tim

      Rihanna looks better with the Black, but I hope she is not making a new album. A 3 song EP would flatter me, and also a 2 year break.

    • Heather

      She looks best with black hair!

    • oh loard, rihanna go sit your ass dwn!!!!

    • She looks much better with black and she is trying way too hard in these pics

    • plain & simple

      If it was short she would look much sexier. Plus she has gotten so damn skinny. Oh well I guess another CD coming out soon LMAO

    • She looks better like that, she’s giving me that Avril Lavigne LOOK AT ME I’M COOL AND REBELLIOUS thing though lol

    • oh

      My god this woman is so damn corny

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      She should keep her hair black, it’s cute. But I bet it would be cuter if she and her ever changing crop would take a break for 2 years.