Caribbean Heat: The Legendary Bob Marley


Bob Marley TheLavaLizard
Reggae music legend Bob Marley.

After long break, Caribbean Heat is back with a fresh perspective and exciting talent! However, before we launch into this era of new music, it is important for us to celebrate and pay homage to the work of a man who gave Caribbean people a voice across the globe. That man is none other than the legendary Bob Marley!

Despite his shocking death at the age of 36 years in 1981, Marley established a legacy that has remained unmatched in the West Indies and around the globe. As a singer, songwriter and allround musician, he redefined the genre of Reggae music with his songs and stunning live performances as he exposed the world to Caribbean culture.

Of course, Marley was more than just an artist. His work as an human rights activist inspired several of his peers and sparked a trend among US Pop stars, such as Michael Jackson, to adopt a similar approach to their fans.

Watch Marley perform some of his most memorable hits below:


‘Get Up, Stand Up’


No Woman No Cry’

‘Redemption Song’

‘Stir it Up’

When people talk about the greatest artists of our time, it is impossible to overlook the impact of Marley. His work changed the fabric of Pop music and in one of the rare instances in history, a West Indian influenced US culture instead of the reverse situation.

Even after 30 years since his passing, Marley’s impact is still clear. Jason Mraz, Lauryn Hill, Fantasia and even Justin Bieber all imitated his brand of Reggae with their songs and kept the legacy of Marley alive.


  • sam

    Bob Marley is one of the greatest! I would love to date a Marley brother!

  • plain & simple

    I love me some Bob Marley he was the greatest of all time. Til this day I play his songs

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  • Bee

    LEGEND, Bob Nesta Marley! A part of the centre of Jamaican and West Indian culture!

  • Yolanda

    If I were to stan for anyone it would be Bob. Thank you Trent for posting about him. This post is right on time. I encourage everyone to see his documentary if you can. His family has done a wonderful job of keeping his legacy alive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there are so few comments. Bob didn’t wear crazy costumes. He didn’t have crazy dance routines like so many of his peers at the time. He understood religion and man’s exploitation of it and he preached on it accordingly. He made everyone aware of who WE are and where we came from. No gimmicks.