Caribbean Heat: Tessanne Chin


Tessanne Chin TheLavaLizard
Jamaican Reggae Fusion artist Tessanne Chin.

Caribbean Heat is heading back to Jamaica for another dose of the countries exciting culture. However, today’s featured artist isn’t just another Reggae or Dancehall music act. Rather, Tessanne Chin is a performer for the future!

With her unique brand of Reggae Fusion, Chin has combined the sound of Reggae, Rock, Soul and Pop to create a thrilling style of music. In fact, the 26-year old has already been tipped to be the next major breakout star from the West Indies!

Watch some of Chin’s most popular music videos below:

‘Black Books’


‘Loving You (with Kees)’


What makes Chin interesting is the fact that she doesn’t limit herself to the typical sounds of Reggae or Dancehall. An artist with her looks could easily have become yet another female performer singing about her ‘pumpum’ but instead she is focused on developing her true talent.

It would be fantastic to see Chin venture to the global market. She is a formidable mix of Kelly Clarkson and Pink with a Reggae edge that could give her the edge to crack US Top 40/Mainstream radio in a major way!


  • Asseica_cb

    I love this girl… I remember when hideaway came out n it was every where in Jamaica. Talent

  • Girl Bye!

    is she related to Tami Chin??

  • Naudisweet(Xtina Stan)

    Yes, Tami is her older sister.


    She’s great, I like her style.

  • SparkD

    She’d be a breath of fresh air in America.

  • mmmh errr

    hate her voice… too forceful… she looks chinese,

  • TheTruth

    @ ‘mmmh errr’ wins the Nobel prize for most intelligent comment *claps*

    Tessanne is the BOMB. My favourite caribbean artist since Hideaway & Blackbooks

  • Bee

    She’s a very flexible artist while still maintaining her roots. Love that!

    mmmh errr: “… she looks chinese”
    Really? What a revelation! How did you come up with such a conclusion?