Behind The Scenes: Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been’ Video


    Rihanna Where Have You Been TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna dances to 'Where Have You Been' video choreography.

    It’s a Christmas miracle in April! By the grace of the Caribbean Sea, Rihanna, our long lost child of the West Indian soil, has finally learned to dance as exhibited in behind the scenes footage of her upcoming ‘Where Have You Been’ music video!

    Teaming with choreographer Hi-Hat, Rihanna developed an entire dance routine for ‘Where Have You Been’ and even managed to do the steps without embarrassing herself. Watch the behind the scenes footage of the shoot below and feel your heart grow two sizes as it bursts with joy:


    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS


    • Aye Britt

      Lmaoooo at that gif!

    • It’s quite interesting to hear Rihanna say that she normally doesn’t do rehearsals because of her busy schedule which consist of promotional appearances, touring, studio sessions and heavy jet setting. I guess A&R really is dead because as an artist, I would never get on set of a music video just to improvise. That’s like being hired at a new job without orientation.

    • Amber

      The backup dancers look better than her in this clip. Hopefully she’ll put more energy into it in the official vid. She looks tired and rough.

    • Shea Butter


    • Ugh

      Well at least she’s reading the blogs. I find it strange all of a sudden she’s interested in dancing now. Keep reading dem blogs rih

    • Girrrl

      Yaaaas my prayer has been answered!!! Rih is dancing!

    • Girrrl

      Thank you Trent for your Rihanna video. I’m convinced she watched it and took notes.

    • lifefromthefarside

      A hot mess. Her choreographer is stealing moves as well. (hmm) She cannot dance one bit. Her dancers overshadow her but because she managed to raise a leg, her non moves will be so wonderful in everyone’s eyes. I side eye this bandwagon touting bs that’s so prevalent lately.

    • LOL

      God is real. We give thanks. Hopefully its not the same old ‘bashment’ (reggae for those who are confused) moves recycled cos that ‘willy bounce’ during ‘We Found Love’ live performances …*dies*


    • pisces2g

      lmaooooooo @ that gift

    • Sunshine

      Im trying to figure out what going on in that GIF why did Brandy fall in the grass like that? LOL

      As for Rihanna’s “Dancing” umm….. If she cant hardly catch her breath to sing live just walking and standing…..How is going to do with her new stiff legged choreography?

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    • LauraDior

      I luv me some RiRi, but shouldn’t she be working on her vocals and worry about her dancing later?? Her stans be going off on how well she can sing, but really though, let’s be serious! *Side Eye*

    • Mhmm.

      Dying @ the gif lmfao

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