Behind The Scenes: Beyonce’s People Magazine Photoshoot


    Beyonce People TheLavaLizard
    Beyonce looks regal in People magazine.

    Earlier today it was announced that Beyonce won the title of World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine. Now, behind the scenes footage of her photoshoot for the publication has been released to further promote the special edition.

    Beyonce welcomed her daughter, Blue Ivy, earlier this year. She amazingly recaptured her slim frame shortly after the child’s birth and has since flaunted her body on the streets of New york City on almost a daily basis.

    Watch the behind the scenes footage of Beyonce’s People shoot below:


    • iamdiego

      i looove her

    • @ItsDonavonFOOLS

      Beyoncé seems to be coming out her shell a bit more

    • DB

      She was never pregnant. Duh. Now Jessica Simpson, that’s a real pregnant woman.

    • Girrrl

      Why does she look like a white woman? If that’s what black women have to do to get named the most beautiful People can keep that shit.

    • Girl Bye!

      @Girrrl black women come in allll shades be proud a black woman was chosen because many don’t see us as beautiful, she does not look like a “white woman” ugh people always find something to complain about its sad

    • Tim

      Her voice is very deep now. I hope the pregnancy didnt giver her a deeper singing tone.

    • Girrrl

      Girl Bye!

      What black woman you know had blonde hair and an ever changing skin tone naturally? It appears that if you’re not Halle Berry, you gotta white wash yourself to be noticed by the mainstream.

    • Girl Bye!

      @Girrrl Omg there are tons of black women around the world who dye their hair blonde for a personal preference does that not make them black? I am light skin my skin tone changes in the winter I become extremely pale and in the summer i get darker does this mean Im bleaching my skin absolutely not stop making ignorant assumptions. Rihanna is noticed by mainstream, Jennifer Hudson is noticed by mainstream, Oprah is noticed by mainstream, so is Tyra Banks whats your point?

    • Beck

      lol flaunting body = taking a walk or walking into a business building? I get that they were going for ethereal/soft tones for the shoot but that dress was a bit extra for me. I loved the outtakes at the end though & the pics I’ve seen floating around from the shoot are beautiful & warm. (Oh & her titties….girl.)

    • U mean her microwave pregnancy move? Adoption much. She’s beautiful but she’s so musically and visually over exposed….

    • jjenn

      jayz was dating cathy white before she died,and yes bey is not as innocent as she let on,yes her and jay do 3somes but its only to keep the relationship alive and spontaneous. and they are not screwing rita ora please dont say that bcse that part is not true! i do know at one point early in rihanna’s career there was a time when she hooked up with jay,but word on the hush is that bey was getting in on the action.