Ashanti Delays ‘Braveheart’ Until June


    Ashanti Braveheart TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Ashanti's 'Braveheart' album.

    Ashanti’s comeback is off to a false start as her new album, ‘Braveheart’, has been delayed until June. The record, which is preceded by the lead single ‘The Woman You Love (Ft. Busta Rhymes)’, will not hit stores in two weeks as previously planned.

    ‘Braveheart’ is now set to debut on June 19th;¬†a whopping¬†two months later that the previously scheduled April 17th release date. However, this isn’t the first change of Ashanti’s comeback plans. Indeed, ‘Braveheart’ was initially earmarked for an April 24th release but was surprisingly pulled forward.

    ‘The Woman You Love’ has yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, despite being released to iTunes since December 15th. The song’s accompanying video premiered on March 13th.


    Of course, this is not a surprise. ‘The Woman You Love’ stalled on Urban radio since mid-March and the release of its video did little to boost the public’s interest. Furthermore, there has been almost no buzz for Ashanti’s ‘Braveheart’, although she has been doing her best to promote the record.

    Delaying the debut of ‘Braveheart’ will Ashanti more time to develop a better strategy to promote the project as well as lineup a stronger single. Additionally, knowing her writing style, she will certainly need time to clear any samples that she may want to use. Does anybody remember ‘Foolish’?

    Watch the video for Ashanti’s ‘Foolish’ below:


    • Ugh

      yes i love Foolish.

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    • DOMOdotSCORE

      This is bittersweet. Bitter because she can lose the little bit of buzz for the album that she had. Sweet because she has more time to make sure the album is good and that people are looking forward to the album.

      She needs more visibility so that people know that she is coming out with an album because there are some people who still don’t know that she has a single out.

    • She, nor her label distributor, ever confirmed a date. Even this June 19th date has not been confirmed by her.

    • DJ


    • Theman

      This is what you have to deal with when you try to go independent. Most artists that go the indie route don’t see huge success.

    • Ariana

      There’s still enough time to change that damn album cover Ashanti…

    • ihatemyles

      im excited to hear single #2

    • Cliff

      thats not a good sign, poor ashanti, i was excited with the release of her new album !

    • Teyah

      She’s waiting for the BET Awards she can perform some flop song from her flop album on there! BET will be the only ones supporting her ass! LOL. She doesn’t need to delay the album. Its already a flop! She should’ve realised that when she wanted to become an indepedent artist!

    • Sadly nobody is checkin for her… She needs to get with a major label and start from the ground up again.

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