Watch: ‘The Voice (UK)’ (Season 1 / Episode 2)


    The Voice UK TheLavaLizard
    'The Voice UK'.

    The 2nd episode of ‘The Voice (UK)’ aired earlier today on BBC! Maintaining the excitement of the show’s premiere, this installment featured coaches Jessie Jwill.i.amTom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue continuing to sift through a string of talented hopefuls in their search to fin the next great UK star.

    So, who does ‘The Voice (UK)’ compare to its US counterpart? Watch all the action from the Episode 2 below and see for yourself:

    Aleks Josh

    Barbara Bryceland

    David Faulkner

    David Julien

    Deniece Pearson

    Francis Wood

    Heshima Thompson

    Matt & Sueleen

    Vince Freeman

    Vince Kidd

    If you missed Episode 1 of ‘The Voice (UK)’ then click here to watch!


    • Nubianrose

      Heshima was my favourite, he was on uk xfactor as well and I was surprised he didn’t progress further than boot camp hopefully he will do better on The Voice.