Watch: ‘The Voice (UK)’ (Season 1 / Episode 1)


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    'The Voice UK'.

    ‘The Voice (UK)’ has finally premiered on BBC! Starting the season with a bang, Episode 1 of the show featured coaches Jessie J,, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue sifting through a string of talented hopefuls in their search to fin the next great UK star.

    So, who does ‘The Voice (UK)’ compare to its US counterpart? Watch all the action from the first episode below and see for yourself:

    Coaches – ‘I Gotta Feeling’

    Adam Isaac

    Aundrea Nyle

    Ben Kelly

    J. Marie Cooper

    Max Milner

    Sam Buttery

    Toni Warne

    Jessie Hammond


    • Shen

      Not impressed. What a shame. These acts were mediocre at best

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    • I thought the show was really good, Maybe not as good as the US version (YET) but they are on their 2nd season. The contestants could all sing and unlike when I (used to) watch X Factor when somebody was getting nobody buzzing for them i was willing them to get through and felt bad when they didn’t. The only bad thing was Will I AM, he was a really bad coach, not funny, weird, what he was saying about voices and stuff made no sense and when it did it had no relevance to the army of autotune skanks he works with and the fact he has to go on about BEP hits all the time was so annoying.

    • omgwow

      After watching the UK version and the American version..I’d have to say that America has got more singing talent and plus its more entertaining.

    • GUn21

      jessie J rocked the judges performance. Hopefully the talent gets better… No wow audition yet:/

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