Watch: ‘LeToya Luckett: Life, Love & Music (Episode 2)’


    The 2nd episode of LeToya Luckett’s ‘Life, Love & Music’ has premiered. The singer is hard at work on her new album, which will be released later this year, and the online series will showcase her musical journey as well as the stuggles that she faces during the recording process.

    For those of you who missed the preview of ‘Life’, click here to watch the sneak peak of the season. When you’re fully amped then watch Episode 2 of the show below:

    If you missed Episode 1 of  LeToya Luckett’s ‘Life, Love & Music’ then click here to watch!


    • Toya Fan

      Happy that ep 2 aired cant wait for another she be on her grind i hope more people start giving her music a chance she really is good.

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      I like seeing Toya but wonder why she isn’t saying anything about her music or where she’s hoping to go with this album. If she wanted to show us more about her personal life this should have aired sometime in Spring to Winter 2011. If she has a new album to promote etc she should have a 2012 show about her MUSIC…and that alone!

      I think Toya gets it wrong, she REALLY needs more interaction with what appears to be a dwindling fanbase.

    • jewerely girl

      I like Letoya ‘s reality show but I wish it was on regular TV.
      where more people could see it. I don’t know Letoya,
      Kelly and Michelle are not as sucessful as Bey because
      they have the talent and potiental to be sucessful.