Toni Braxton & Babyface Reunite During ‘Angel’ Performance


    Toni Braxton Babyface TheLavaLizard
    Toni Braxton and Babyface reunite during a performance of 'How Could An Angel Break My Heart'.

    Toni Braxton is eager to return to the glory days of her career so it was only a matter of time before she reunited with her mentor Babyface in some regard. During a March 24th performance of ‘How Could An Angel Break My Heart’ at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, the latter surprised Braxton by emerging onstage.

    Babyface was a guiding force in Braxton’s early career when she was initially signed to LaFace Records in the 1990s. In addition to ‘How Could An Angel Break My Heart’, they also crafted the hits ‘Seven Whole Days’, ‘Love Should Have Brought You Home’ and ‘Breathe Again’.

    Later this year, Braxton will release her new album, ‘Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes’. However, the LP won’t entail R&B tunes similar to those she recorded with Babyface. Rather, as the lead single, ‘I Heart You’, suggests, the album will feature primarily Dance music.

    Watch Braxton and Babyface reunite below:


    • kingphoenix

      I love that her voice is still intact! I am such a big fan of hers, i just hope she can recapture the magic of her past albums and not that of Pulse….But Baby Face, hhhhmm.

    • I slay for x

      When will Mariah be half as good as Toni vocally?

    • Rome

      Some of the info being reported about the new album is simply UNCONFIRMED such as the title, Heartstrings and Synagogue Vibes. Most of the blogs think that the album title was confirmed by Toni in an interview but it’s actually from a Wikipedia article posted in the comments section of an official interview. According to Toni’s art director, the new album will be comprised of mostly R&B/soul songs, and only three songs recorded thus far are dance tunes (including I Heart You and a remix). Toni Braxton’s lead singles are never an indication to the sound of the whole album (i.e. You’re Makin’ Me High and Please).

      P.S. Toni sounds amazing and I can’t wait for the new album.

    • kingphoenix

      @Rome, that was really insightful…and i think your probably right. As with the last time, Hands Tied, was completely diff from Pulse (which is not really a good thing!) I just want something like Secrets or Libra. *crossingfingers*