Rihanna Discusses Nudity On ‘Daybreak’


    Rihanna Daybreak TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna talks 'Battleship, body image & more on 'Daybreak'.

    Rihanna will make her blockbuster film debut in ‘Battleship’ when it premieres in the UK on April 11th. Hence, she has started plugging the film in that territory and utilised ‘Daybreak’ as a major promotional stop.

    However, during the discussion about ‘Battleship’, Rihanna strayed from the topic to talk about her various struggles experienced while growing up in Barbados as a woman of mixed heritage as well as her comfort with nudity. In fact, she made it very clear that she has no problem with being naked – a point she has proven time and again in her photoshoots.

    So, those of you who want Rihanna to wear more clothes better get accustomed. Her public breasts are here to stay. Watch her ‘Daybreak’ interview below:


    • Amir

      At least she has that wig tamed…for once

    • Ugh

      LMAO………Rihanna you are not biracial. you’re mixed, your dad is biracial…omg

      what is this woman talking about? Rihanna is nervous on stage and in interviews all the time. it shows and she doesn’t have good interview skills. I don’t believe a lot of the things rihanna says. She talk as though she has a choice to slow to down and take a break. The overall interview was just weird.

      • Anna

        The terms biracial and mixed can be used interchangeably, although she isn’t 50% Caucasian because her dad is, she is made up of 2 races, biracial. So go read a book and sit down.

    • Ariana

      I don’t care what she has to say about her “struggles”, I just have to comment on her wig… girl, it looks sooooo real! *rolls eyes*

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    • u dumb bitch..she is bi racial ..her mom is Guyanese and her dad is barbadian

    • Oh Please

      She is black..lmao sit the fuck down…I’m Trinidadian And Grenadian…that makes me Bi-racial? *sucks teeth*.

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