Preview: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Deluxe Edition


    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Roman Reloaded deluxe edition TheLavaLizard
    Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' deluxe edition cover.

    It is truly Nicki Minaj day here on The Lava Lizard. Indeed, shortly after releasing two new songs – ‘Right by My Side (Ft. Chris Brown)’ and ‘Beez in the Trap (Ft. 2 Chainz)’ – the colourful rapper has issued a preview of her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ album.

    ‘Roman Reloaded’ will hit stores on April 3rd. The record features collaborations with a host of Urban artists, including Rick Ross, Cam’ron, Beenie Man, Lil Wayne and Drake.

    Listen to the ‘Roman Reloaded’ album sampler below:

    1. Roman Holiday
    2. Come on a Cone
    3. I Am Your Leader (Ft. Cam’ron & Rick Ross)
    4. Beez in the Trap (Ft. 2 Chainz)
    5. HOV Lane
    6. Roman Reloaded (Ft. Lil Wayne)
    7. Champion (Ft. Nas, Drake, & Young Jeezy)
    8. Right By My Side (Ft. Chris Brown)
    9. Sex in the Lounge (Ft. Lil Wayne & Bobby V)
    10. Starships
    11. Pound the Alarm
    12. Whip It
    13. Automatic
    14. Beautiful Sinner
    15. Marilyn Monroe
    16. Young Forever
    17. Fire Burns
    18. Gun Shot (Ft. Beenie Man)
    19. Stupid Hoe

    Deluxe Edition

    20. Turn Me On
    21. Va Va Voom
    22. Masquerade

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    • Ugh

      Nicki darling you are not a singer, please stop…lol

    • Marie

      Pop bullshit…as I expected!

    • Jaytuecnhi

      I could have swore i heard a few pop songs but the album is mostly hip hop r&b just like Eve old albums, just like Missy

    • Xavi

      Now I usually do not post on blog sites, but I had to take the time out to make a brief comment…Seriously Nicki Minaj? I am in utter disbelief right now. You are not a singer! Majority of the songs are BS, and obviously people without taste are going to eat this shit up. It may be too early to judge since these are snippets, but honestly, I’ve heard enough. I used to be a big fan of hers during her hip hop days, but this! I cannot support this mess. But hey, it is what it is….

    • Pisces2g

      What Xavi said!

    • ….

      Dead at her singing in 90% of the songs. She can keep this shit. Will not be buying

    • ….

      Nicki minaj was the saviour of female rap this decade, now she has helped kill it again. We gon need sum1 new to revive it again cause this shit is wack. Stop this. Go back to rapping

    • Cliff

      this is a full on pop album smh watch this flop

    • Hold on. This is the best of both worlds. The Harajuku Barbie has her hardcore rap fans and her pop fans. In this album (All 22 songs) I find 10 serious rap songs, and 12 pop songs for both sides of her fans. I think she planned the CD excellently. Nicki Minaj is both genres and doesn’t need to be labeled as just one. I love both sides. She is not the best singer (I mean, come on), but almost all of her “pop” songs are fresh, have great production, feature rap bits, and are new and innovative. Chill out guys. She’s doing what she wants and I think its great.

    • baba hottie

      @richie ehh denial much?

    • TFizz

      Booooooooo, this cunt sucks! Trash, trash, trash!!!

    • Chile BOOM

      I agree with TFizz –>> TRASH

    • DR1

      i luv the fact that we’re gettin gthe best of both worlds with this album. luv it nicki

    • Nicki POP!

    • Ronnie

      lol Haters gonna hate. Like others have said, its the best of both worlds and its a pretty good album as a whole. Is it the best? No, but good for her fans. btw Xavi, Not everybody has to have the same taste as you do. Everyone has their own taste in music so some will like this album, some won’t. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Its that simple. Don’t get on people for liking the music cause I’m sure that some would think your taste in music is bad.

    • Cocoa_laroe

      O_o yooooo, WTF is this shit??? I kinda like that roman holiday song though. It’s so bad that its almost good in a weird al sort of way. The rest are just plain bad

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    • @Richi what hard core rap fans listen to Nicki Minaj??? LMAO

    • TL


    • fireeeeeeee cant wait for i am your leader and hov lane

    • she did it again! nicki the beast

    • better then pink friday i cant taste it. it gets you up and dancing this time around. example of pure fun and talent

    • hotttttttttttttttt

    • Download: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Deluxe Edition) (2012) Freee

    • Badnfluenz

      Wow, I am so GLAD Nicki put out this album. It’s a perfect combo. Her best work to date. It’s half Rap, the other half on the other hand is CLUB DANCE POP FUN all rolled up in one. Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy, EvE, etc all them chicks just got SHITTED ON. This album changed the game. Nicki is doing what sells and she’s mastered that mindset. Honestly, people would rather buy a FUN album, the main percent of Rap/Hip Hop buyers are male. Females go for the fun. Hate to say it but white folks are the folks rappers are trying to sell to. Who’s buying the music?! Ppl with money. Bootlegs, Album Downloads, copies from friends, etc that shit don’t help support the artist. I am so proud of Nicki BREAKING OUT OF THAT TYPICAL HOOD RAT LICK MY TWAT, I NEED A THUG, NIGGA THIS NIGGA THAT, ETC bullshit. She’s a business woman. If you fans can’t respect that then you lot shouldn’t be listening to music. They signed them contracts to make money, not to “keep hood”.

    • How is it that people are making comments on an album that was not released yet? Most of these people would not even buy the album so keep your comments to yourselves unless you are buyers and not just haters. What is this about rap being hardcore? If you want to hear people rapping about killing and xxx then come in my hood and listen to the street rappers and the OG’s. You want to listen to music to shake your leg and nod your head and once in a while put your hands in the air, then buy today’s hip-hop music. Who buys hardcore rap? You listen to mixtapes for hardcore rap. You sell Albums that not just one group listens to. You would never make money.

    • Roman

      Nicki Minaj, this album sounds amazing. Haters gonna hate. Honestly. this album has everything. It has rap, r&b, pop and ballads. It is such a versatile album. NICKI MINAJ! <3