New Video: Trey Songz – ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’


    Trey Songz Sex Ain't Better Than Love TheLavaLizard
    Trey Songz performs in his 'Sex Ain't Better Than Love' video.

    Trey Songz will release the first single from his ‘Chapter V’ album, ‘Heart Attack’, on March 26th but before that new era of his platinum-less career begins, he has put forward another piece of work. ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’ is the latest offering from Songz’s ‘Inevitable’ EP.

    Thus far, ‘Inevitable’ has sold over 74K copies in the US. ‘Chapter V’ will be released later this spring. Until then, watch Songz’s ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’ video below:

    Wait just one moment. Isn’t Songz the same individual who boasts about having sex with numerous women and often flaunts his skills while onstage? That made this ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’ video even more interesting.

    Thanks Essence!

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    • WonderLand19

      I really liked that 🙂

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Still not in love with the song but the video was so great that it made the song a bit more tolerable.

    • dyllan

      he has ginuwine syndrome

      has everything to be a star but no one is giving him the right ish

    • yesmaam

      Trent has a crush on Trey :). He is currently dating Lauren London, and dated Helen for a long time. They even had matching tattoos. SO Trey knows about love, and he has had his hoeing spells. So he should know. lol

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