New Video: Madonna – ‘Girl Gone Wild’


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    Madonna unleashes sex in 'Girl Gone Wild' video.

    In the mood for some homoeroticism that borders on androgynous gay porn? If that’s the case then Madonna’s ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video is exactly what you need.

    ‘Girl Gone’ Wild’ is the second official single from Madonna’s ‘M.D.N.A.’ album, which will hit stores on March 26th. The song’s accompanying video was filmed by Mert & Marcus.

    Watch the ‘Girl Gone wild’ visual below:

    This is a fantastic ideo for a great song. When it comes to selling sex, striking visuals and content that annoys the Christina community, Madonna is truly a master of her craft. Also, the editing really made her less frightening to behold.

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    • Getnasty1

      So mean

    • Ugh

      Trent, this is not a ‘great’ song. You’re the only one that think it is -___-

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I like the video only because of the fierceness that is those men dancing in those heels and the fact that Madonna wasn’t stiff while she was dancing.

    • Tim

      I love the video. She needs to do borderline vogue dancing.

    • Joss

      wow, looooove the video… great visuals… looove it!

    • X

      fucking amazing. she’s 53 and she’s still killing the music videos!