New Song: Nicki Minaj – ‘Right By My Side (Ft. Chris Brown)’


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    Nicki Minaj.

    Mix auto-tune with a timely feature by Chris Brown and you’ll get Nicki Minaj’s new song, ‘Right by My Side’. The track is listed as cut #8 on Minaj’s new album, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’, which will hit stores on April 3rd.

    Shortly after ‘Roman Reloaded’ is released, Minaj will launch her European ‘Pink Friday’ tour. The first show is scheduled for June 8th and the venture will continue until August 18th when it ends in the UK.

    Listen to Minaj and Brown’s ‘Right by My Side’ below:

    ‘Right by My Side’ does not shock, impress or excite in any way. In fact, the only thing this track confirms is that Minaj is truly just another Pop star on the hunt for a radio hit.

    Where is the lyrical weight and musical depth that Minaj is quite capable of delivering? Couldn’t she find a space under her wig to place a reminder that she is a rapper and not the second coming of Katy Perry?

    At this point, I just want to hear Minaj’s ‘Gun Shot’ collaboration with Beenie Man. The rest of ‘Roman Reloaded’ is hereby banned my iTunes.

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    • Ethan

      Chris did great though lol. nicki was alright, i think it’s a cute song


      Christopher SAVED this song!! He always does!

    • RichiAngelo

      Trentness, let Nicki get her hits! That’s why she gives us 22 songs; half for the pop fiends, and half with some type of depth.

    • okk

      I like NIcki’s verse @ the end. But this will definately be overplayed and eat up the R&B charts.

    • Trav

      I can’t fathom why people are getting mad. If you expect this from her, then don’t support. She stated COUNTLESS times that she was doing what SHE WANTS to do on this album. All you can do is listen and if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      All artists want a hit record and clearly she’ll do whatever it takes to get one.

      It’s not her best but its certainly not here worst. I can dig it.

    • DRB

      Let her (put out shit and) get her hits. When fans dont even care about quality or the artist living up to their potential….

      Btw, if every fan base of these commercial girls demanded a quality album over generic singles, we’d all be much better off. Some would live up to the task and others would disappear.

    • @iamericandao

      She will not be able to sing this live. It is what it is with her. Her fans will support her regardless….and I feel how you feel in the GIF

    • Sunshine

      The point is @Richiangelo , She doesn’t make music with any depth The concept of “roman reloaded” is a joke. She’s capable of doing it but she doesn’t because she want the quick hits by making redundant pop music like everybody else. And the fact she has abandoned her HipHop roots and fans that was there in the beginning.

    • @iamericandao

      oh and Lil’ suzie will be singing this “It’s all about his dick game”..she needs to make up her mind. She for the youth or what?

    • Alexia

      Garbage. Chris did alright but Nicki needs to stop singing.

    • NKE

      i like it. not lyrically gifted but very ear pleasing.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I like the beat.

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    • @Che_Petrillo

      Chris made the song. Nicki…I just….*sigh*

    • Ni

      I agree with @DOMOdotSCORE the beat is sick! I could rock to this as a spring/summer jam but I like chris brown voice on it and I’m sure this will be a hit since more focus on teen pop fans than straight hardcore rap fans cuz its all about the DOLLAR BILLS Yall! 🙂

    • Ci’Yonce

      I like it but it’s okay. I’ll give it a few more listens, it’ll grow on me. Trent I disagree, because Nicki’s pop songs seem more catchier than some of today’s pop singers. The song is catchy and I know radio will eat it up. IMO Nicki’s pop songs have more flavor and spunk. She does excute them better. lol! Respect your opinion though.

    • i like it…i agree…I feel that on her album its alright for her to show depth in some songs but also have songs that have top 40 potential. songs like this and starships aren’t too far from what her first effort had with “your love” just the production is way better now.

    • As soon as her voice started I just hated the song 😐

    • Kevin

      y’all doing too much. it’s an ok song. If you wanna hear depth, listen to I’m the Best or Roman Reloaded.

    • x

      it’s cute and catchy. Cool spring/summer song.

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    • BreezyTaughtME!

      Chris Brown of course made this for me!!! Nicki is who she is and thats all I will say about her. The song is catchy and works for the up coming summer. All the 95 babies will be blasting this. lmao

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    • Tracie

      I actually like the song. Its catchy…enjoyable. I think it will do well.

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