New Song: Madonna – ‘I F*cked Up’


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    Madonna poses for new MDNA promo pics.

    Madonna has finally release a new song in its entirety instead of yet another snippet. The telling ‘I Fucked Up’ will be included on her on ‘M.D.N.A.’ album, which will debut on March 26th.

    Thus far, Madonna has released snippets of seven songs, including ‘Gang Bang’, ‘Love Spent’ and ‘Beautiful Killer’. She will premiere the video for her latest single, ‘Girl Gone Wild’, at 7pm ET on March 21st.

    Listen to Madonna’s ‘I Fucked Up’ below;

    When the synths are dialed back and the Dance beats are silenced, it becomes blatantly obvious that Madonna’s vocal ability is grossly limited. ‘I Fucked Up’ is a good song but she simply lacks the range or skill to take it to another level.

    It is really remarkable that after all these years Madonna has yet to experiment with her voice in the same way the she has developed her visuals. Perhaps, she simply realises that her fans don’t desire vocal talent; they just need good beats and controversy.

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    • Ugh

      i’m just not feeling Madonna’s new music

    • Madonna “f*ked up” when she recorded this song. Hmmm….I’ll pass.

    • thomas

      lame ass song.

    • Shea Butter

      This is horrible!! Madonna doesn’t have the vocals for this track! This would be cute for Leona Lewis in her falsetto!

      Madonna is really not bringing the heat this time around… 🙁

    • Viktor

      Totes luv this song!!!! 🙂

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    • alecis

      this song is waaaay better than half the crap on radio.. and haven’t peole been saying she can’t sing since…… 1982… can you find a new angle? your review is ridiculous… Madonna can’t sing… sooooooo 30 years ago. this song rocks