New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’


    Justin Bieber Boyfriend TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend'.

    Thanks to producers Mike Posner and MdL, Justin Bieber has released a new song. ‘Boyfriend’ is first single from the flat-voiced teenager’s upcoming ‘Believe’ album, which will also include contributions from Drake, Timbaland, Diplo and Danja.

    Remember when Justin Timberlake basically stole his sound from R&B and Hip-Hop artists in his bid to score a hit? Well, Bieber did something similar with ‘Boyfriend’, minus the ability to sing.

    Listen to Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ below:

    ‘Boyfriend’ would have been a much better song if Janet Jackson performed it under the title of ‘Girlfriend’. “Trent, how could you say that?!” Think about: Bieber copied her singing style and the tune is definitely in Jackson’s key.

    Now, don’t be confused, ‘Boyfriend’ is a good record but it is obvious that Bieber’s people are simply trying to corner the Urban market by purchasing beats from the best producers on the R&B/Hip-Hop scene. However, just imagine how wonderful it would be if they gave similar treatment to an artist who had more talent.

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    • Wow. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Catchy single nonetheless and far more less annoying than his lead single from his debut album. And my, oh, my has his voice matured! His balls finally dropped after 2 years! He’s developed a more deeper tone. Now if we can get him to develop more of a technique, that would be fabulous! If he keeps this up, I just might get Bieber fever. 😉

    • Reece

      Cliche. Cliche. Cli-dyam-che. Make use of your platform; bring something new to the table.

    • Reece

      *Comment was directed at Beiber*

    • MechanicalPenguin

      My problem with Bieber is that he already thinks he’s Michael Jackson. He actually believes that he’s the best entertainer to ever come around. When I listened to the 15 sec preview I thought it was terrible, hearing the word swaggie and buzzlightyear…the whole song is better…and catchy but he was supposed to be “changing” the way we see music. Does he not realize we’ve already had Justin timberlake do the same thing, a whole lot better? Even Trent said it. My advice to him would be to just continue to work on your craft and quit acting like your gods gift to music bc you have a bunch of young girls that think you are cute…..and by the way does he not look JUST LIKE A LESBIAN in that photo on the video hahaha.

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith

      Very unimpressive in my opinion. How flat and uninspired. It reminds me of “Motivation”, the production sounds too sparse and empty and the singing is lazy-sounding. JC Chasez did a better effort of string arrangements on “Something Special” and “She Got Me”. Those are songs with SPARK! This to me isn’t uplifting at all!

    • im NOT here for this

    • heather

      i like it. But its nothing new or fresh! All artist are just looking to score a hit nowadays. Nothing creative here, but this song will be a hit, and maybe make it on 106 & Park. Same formula as JT, Robin Thicke etc……

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      It’s not bad.

    • kevin

      Janet isn’t the worst nor the best singer… if she could master the falsetto with the prehook janet would have rocked this song.

    • olly_tei

      Dont compare this pool of mediocrity to the great JT.

    • The comment about JT was fucking uneccessary trent.

    • Juewelz03

      This sounds like JT.. Trent are you saying JT can’t sing? Id have to disagree

    • Theman

      It’s a cool good record.

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