New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Dance Again (Ft. Pitbull)’


    Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Pitbull TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again (Ft. Pitbull)'.

    Jennifer Lopez is back with a new song that showcases an old formula. Backed by rapper Pitbull and RedOne’s productions, the entertainer has released her new single, ‘Dance Again’.

    It has been reported that Lopez is currently crafting a greatest hits album, which will hit stores later this year. If that is indeed the case then ‘Dance Again’ will fit neatly into the set as it resembles most of her previous Dance/Pop hits.

    Listen to ‘Dance Again’ below:

    Lopez has never been an innovative artist but it is truly a shame that she has recycled her own work with ‘Dance Again’, especially since ‘On the Floor’, which also featured Pitbull, was such a recent hit. ‘Dance Again’ is not a weak track but the arrangement is too similar to its predecessor; a slightly less attractive cousin of ‘On the Floor’. Hey, a hit is a hit, right?

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    • WonderLand19

      Not for me.

    • The Untouchable

      Jennie from the block can hang it up, I dont think anyone is interested in hearing any music from her. I’m sure not.

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    • baf

      3 words wack wack wack

    • Jerry

      5 words: smash smash smash

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      It’s cute.

    • Cliff

      i love it but wish she didn’t feature Pitbull,

    • abbe

      very nice song! cant w8 for the music video!
      and cliff pitbull makes the song powerful so please b-quite

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