New Song: Chris Brown – ‘Sweet Love’


    Chris Brown Fortune promo TheLavaLizard
    Chris Brown looks dapper in this 'Fortune' promo pic.

    Chris Brown only announced that his new R&B single would be ‘Sweet Love’ a short while ago but the song has already been released! The track will appear on the singer’s upcoming ‘Fortune’ album, which will hit stores on May 8th.

    The next single hat Brown will soon release from ‘Fortune’ is the Hip-Hop-oriented ‘Till I Die’, which features Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Listen to ‘Sweet Love’ below:

    Why does every recent R&B song by Brown revolve around his sex life? Seriously, does he write his songs with his penis or is it that he has been watching to many World Star Hip Hop videos?

    ‘Sweet Love’ is a good song but this sex theme is incredibly hackneyed. Brown could have kept this track to himself.

    Audio via In Flex We Trust!

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    • Ci’Yonce

      Trent you’re not the only one who thinks that. I’m not feeling Chris this era. F.AM.E. was a better composed R&B record with dances tracks. I like his dance music better. IMO. This song is just a NO NO.

    • MechanicalPenguin

      Huge fan of Chris, but so over this BS.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      He can do better than this. I wish he would get it together.

    • lifefromthefarside

      Exactly what do you want him to sing about? HE’S 22! He’s going sing about money, women, clubbing and sex! At this point in his life I doubt he’ll be giving MARVIN GAYE’S “WHAT’S GOING ON”!!! Like DAMN have you heard the whole album yet?!

    • lifefromthefarside

      Most want him pining away with some ratchet mess about losing love and I’m dying without you…get over it.

    • SMH

      This album is flopping the deaf can hear this and the blind have seen it coming. And I am TeamBreezy. Only buying it if it is $0.99

    • SMH

      We know Chris only thinks about sex but does he have to remove all doubt. I miss MJ

    • Girrrl

      Aww Whitney shading from beyond!

    • Pisces2g

      He need to start having those same writing camps rihanna is known to have, this sounds like mixtape grade material

    • x

      sex, sex and more sex. stale.

    • Beyfan

      aint nobody checkin fo no Shit Brown, he’s a fuckin women beating bitchy faggot, he’ll never be relevant like my KING BEY.

    • Ethan

      Uhm trent, you know well better. this is just a single, he dropped How I Feel lately, isn’t that good enough? should he really be making tracks like that all the time? there are artists who do worse than chris with sex records. get over it lol

    • kingphoenix

      Why should anyone be suprised at his stunted musical content like he hasn’t been singing about the same-thing over and over for years….Remember he does not have the voice of Luther or the writing and producing skillz of R.Kelly…you know what they say, you keep doing what your doing and your gonna keep getting what your getting.

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    • sha syl

      o beyfan shut you pie hole

    • Ni

      He is a talented young man and a gifted writer but I believe its who he surrounds himself with. Michael never partied his life and craft was his music that is something Chris needs to learn. His Graffiti and FAME album are a step in that direction. He is only giving what the younger generations wants and that Sex. Every song that’s out there is related to it. He tried with She Aint U and All back but no one wants to hear that. So until this generations is ready for real R&B this is what you get. He knows what the public like and unfortunately its this. So be real are it about R&B is dying because no one wants to her or purchase it all you have to do is look at the charts to know the truth.

    • Ni

      Typing too fast… I meant We need to be real about it R&B is dying because no one wants to hear or purchase music (ex. Melanie Fiona and other real R&B artist). Look at the charts and you can see the truth. Stop complaining @kidphenono

    • GTFOH!!

      @KingPhoenix Would you STFU already! Your annoying ass is in every damn CB post hating! Why the he would you compare him to Luther Vandross and R Kelly you dumbass?! He’s not that type of arist and he’s not trying to sound like them!

      He does NOT sing about the same thing over and over again you fucking clown! Chris has range in his music and he shows it on songs ‘All Back’, ‘Open Road’, ‘Fools With You’, ‘Wait For You’! He doesn’t aig about sex all the time and he does have variety in his music! Stop judging his entire catalogue by the FEW songs that you hear on a blog! You fucking hating ass bitch!

    • Me Damnit!!

      The song is cute, his vocals are nice but it’s not a good single choice IMO. It sounds like something from a mixtape. Not album material. Plus it’s another sex song. I was really hoping that he wasn’t going to have too many sex songs on ‘Fortune’. If he was going to release a sex song as a single I was hoping it was going to be ‘Touch Me’ becuase that song slays. Its a perfect single choice.

      I guess I’ll try to stay excited for his next single with Wiz & Big Sean but I’m not the biggest fan of his rappog either. He’s got a lot of songs out in radio right now so I think the buzz for his album is pretty good but I just wish he would pick better single choices.

    • im team breezy but… no. so over the sex songs.

    • kingphoenix

      LMFAO at @Glblahblahblah why are you so pressed…first i do nt even recognize your screen name but you obviously know mines…second i can count the # of Chris Brown post i’ve been in on one hand. I was actually being nice, its no secret he can’t compare to the greats you said it your self….he is not that kind of artist. So tell me what kind of artist is he? And i definately never heard of any of those songs just like the most of the population, but if Chris wrote them im sure they are are all pretty plain and simple. His singles all sound the same, thats why he makes continuations of the same thing like Hip-hop 384. #BOOP

    • The Untouchable

      Team Breezy All Day Everyday!!!!

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