New Song: Chris Brown – ‘How I Feel’


    Chris Brown TheLavaLizard
    Chris Brown addresses domestic violence in a new song entitled 'How I Feel'.

    Now that Chris Brown has reunited with Rihanna – in a musical sense, at least – he has decided to address the pressing issue of domestic violence that has resurfaced in the media regarding their relationship. Indeed, in a new song entitled ‘How I Feel’, the young star spoke out about physical abuse, just in time for International Women’s Day (March 8th).

    Brown’s new album, ‘Fortune’, will arrive in stores on May 8th. The record is preceded by the singles ‘Strip (Ft. Kevin McCall)’ and ‘Turn Up the Music’. Rihanna contributed vocals to a remix of the latter song.

    Listen to Brown’s ‘How I Feel’ below:

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    • NKE

      i love it. i really do, i believe what he’s saying is coming from his heart and it’s very moving.

    • lifefromthefarside

      Something that he could have kept. What’s really on his mind? Also, another disrespectful lyric to his present girlfriend.

      If she has ANY friends: You should run over right now, take her by the hand and walk her out to that destructive & mentally abusive relationship!

    • WonderLand19

      I love it. I want more of this.

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    • plain & simple

      Tell em Chris. I love this song

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    • jane

      Chris Brown & Rihanna Fenty were NEVER IN A DOMESTIC VIOLOENCE relationship. They had a teenage love affair! They had a mutual altercation as Rih admitted to beating on him too. DV is a repated action not 1 fight! I wish someone in the media/blog etc would tell the truth about that fact. Screw InterNatl Women’s day & I’m a women especially if they don’t start telling he truth about DV and using appropriate ppl to represent the issue like: Charlie Sheen & his 20 yr history of TRUE ABUSE against women or Eminem’s woman hating a$$ and his many DV moments with is twice married wife Kim Mathers!

    • CurvesLUVBreezy

      Hot! I know Im late but Chris really had a cool flow, Im feeling the beat and you can hear his pain and angst