New Feature: Trini Trent TV!


    As The Lava Lizard continues to flourish, the demand for more exciting content has also reached new heights. Hence,  as the time has finally come for us to go beyond the informative articles and punchlines, and explore a new dimension of fun – YouTube!

    What better way is there for us to launch this new era in The Lava Lizard’s journey? Well, I personally couldn’t think of anything else so I hopped on YouTube and launched Trini Trent TV!

    Of course, Trini Trent TV had to kick off with a bang so in addition to my introduction, I also addressed my dearest and most loyal followers – the stans. Watch me discuss these people in general as well as the Stan of the Day, the Lil Kim stan, below:

    Head over to YouTube to comment, thumbs and share the video! Be sure to check The Lava Lizard for future installments of Trini Trent TV!