Music Minute!


    Madonna Like A Virgin cover TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'.

    Did you know that ‘Like a Virgin’ is ranked as Madonna’s biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 100?

    The first of Madonna’s 12 #1 singles on the Hot 100, ‘Like a Virgin’ held the top spot on the chart for 6 weeks. The song was the title track of the icon’s second album, which is also her top-selling LP in the US and her only diamond-certified record in that country.

    The success of ‘Like a Virgin’ was bolstered by Madonna’s racy performance of the tune at the 1984 MTV VMA. Watch footage of her notorious showing below:

    Now you know!

    • LOVE “Like a virgin”, classic Madonna slays… so does any Madonna really though lol

      P.S NO trent, Madonna has TWO Diamond albums (“Like a virgin” & “The Immaculate collection”).