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    Chris Brown Usher TheLavaLizard
    Chris Brown and Usher attended the Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks game in 2009.

    Did you that Chris Brown and Usher share the record for the most top 40 hits on Billboard Hot 100 by male singers?

    Excluding rappers, Brown and Usher both have 28 top 40 hit singles on the Hot 100; more than any other male artist. The former’s scored his 28th top 40 entry on the chart courtesy of his feature on Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ whereas Usher landed his 28th hit with ‘Climax’.

    R. Kelly is currently ranked in 2nd place among male singers with the most top 40 singles on the Hot 100. The R&B crooner has thus car placed 27 songs in that region of the lineup.

    Watch the videos for Brown’s ‘Forever’ and Usher’s ‘You Dont Have To Call’ – both top 40 singles on the Hot 100 – below:

    Chris Brown – ‘Forever’

    Usher – ‘You Don’t Have To Call’

    Now you know!

    • WonderLand19

      Niiiiice 🙂

    • Tracie

      Interesting. Especially when you consider that Chris career has been shorter than both Usher and R Kelly. Way to go Chris!

    • The Untouchable

      Love Chris Brown and Usher. Just wish Usher could make something happen for himself. Big and Soon.

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    • Ethan

      Crazy. And he will probably be alone on this list because he’s just 22 where Usher & R. Kelly are both 30+ right? Amazing

    • sha syl

      they are just brilliant:2 of my fav’ i’ll buy their album any day but usher need to convince me more this time around.but they are just good.

    • Antonio

      But ppl need to remember b4 digital downloads became the main source for music, it was radio. It was much harder for artists like Usher and R. Kelly to get Top 40 singles from the early 90s to the early 00s. Why do think Rihanna has 11 #1s? Chris Brown can put out generic Pop/Dance songs likeForever, Yeah 3x and Beautiful People and easily get a number single in just a few wks where as Usher and R. Kelly can put out deep songs like U Got it Bad, Turn Back the Hands of Time and I’ Your Angel and it takes those songs months to even reach the Top 40. U Got it Bad was released in October of 2001 but didn’t reach #1 until thespring of 2002. Yeah 3x reached the Top 20 in less tha 1 month.

    • Juewelz03

      I would love for Usher to produce/assist Chris Brien with his music . Maybe Chris will actually sing

    • tee

      @antonio all of ushers songs are not deep and meaningful.Maybe back in the day they were but as of lately no they are not.And forever was not generic,in fact it was pretty trend setting because before it no one was really doing euro pop over here. And as for chris singles reaching high numbers only because of the digital downloads is bull.After chris personal situations his songs were not reaching those heights easily he worked Hard just like the rest of them. And beautiful people isnt generic either.

      either way im proud of them both and I cant wait to see what they both have in store on there new albums

    • Ugh

      They need to tour together. It would be bomb.

    • Cliff

      thats weird, you’d think Usher would have more, kudos to Chris Brown

    • Ni

      Wow!… Great info!… I agree with @Juewelz03 it would be Fantastic! if they did a concert together. I would love for them both to do a song together they both mirror each other in someways.

    • seriously?

      But CB’s music does not go to numer one in a week it actually take him time to do so, and he does not make generic pop music, none of the songs you mentioned was pop, they are all dance songs. You just had to insult him, give him, his props he deserved those hits.

    • seriously?

      They were supposed to do a tour together but Usher chickend out. So there that goes.

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    • TeamBreezy

      Usher has 9 #1 singles….

    • Urban

      See there, gay men can do anything they set their minds too.

    • Maria

      I think there are other male artists with more than 28 top 40 hits like Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson… Am I missing something here?

    • hmm….it seems like someone is trying to throw a little shade on chris bcuz they couldn’t believe on this update just give cb his credit whether you like him or not. You can not deny his talent i mean you should congrats to both usher and cb on their success because i’ve notice female artists succeeds more than male artists or maybe it’s just me.

    • NI

      Agree @Nadia…. D**MN can’t we give the brothers props!

    • lola

      give both credit, but it is important to remember it is wayy easier to for an artist to like chris brown and rihanna to have top 40 hit because they have so much features on other ppl songs. usher did a few but not as much as chris so his numbers will be higher by next week even, so does rihanna. ppl like Micheal Jackson will seem less because of their reluctant to collab with others.

    • Ni

      Either way Congratz! Chris and Usher will continue to go back and forth with top 40 hits considering that both have album this year and I’m sure Chris is featuring on everybody and their momma singles. So this will continue…. 🙂

    • TN

      As far as I know, Michael Jackson has 38 top 40 hits on the Hot 100 in his solo career and also someone mentioned earlier Stevie Wonder and Elton John, I just checked and it seems that they have 46 and 57 top 40 hits respectively. So, I don’t undertand how Usher and Chris can hold this record….?

    • Ethan

      @TN i think it’s because nielsen soundscan only started in the 90’s. but anyways, chris will surpass all the artists above in a couple years from now


      wheres a credible link from billboard stating this?


      @TN because this is a made up story. With no credible link from billboard to back it up.

    • BreezyTaughtME!

      I am extremely proud of both entertainers, More so of Breezy. I’ve been a proud fan since 2005, no I never gave up on him, not even then(we all know what I mean). This is great for his career. I could honestly care less about how he did it, as long as people enjoy the music and talent. Usher’s as well.