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    Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

    Did you know that Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston each have a pair of diamond albums in the US?

    Among the best-selling female artists of all time, Dion, Carey and Houston each have 2 diamond (10x platinum) albums. Dion’s ‘Falling into You’ and ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ have both been┬ácertified┬ádiamond in the US with the former achieving 11x platinum status.

    Moreover, Carey’s ‘Music Box’ and ‘Daydream’ records have both notched diamond certifications. The albums generated a total of 5 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 between them.

    Houston also claimed a pair of diamond albums in the US. Her self-titled debut album has thus far been certified 13x platinum whereas her ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack has reach 17x platinum.

    Carey is the 3rd best-selling female albums artist in the US behind Barbra Streisand and Madonna. She has shipped a total of 63.5 million albums in that country compared to Streisand’s 71 million and Madonna’s 64 million.

    Meanwhile, Houston is the 4th highest-selling female act and Dion is the 5th with 55 million and 50 million albums shipped, respectively. However, regardless of their accomplishments, Shania Twain remains the only female artist to score 3 diamond albums in the US.

    Watch Dion, Carey and Houston perform their first Hot 100 #1 singles below:

    Celine Dion – ‘Power of Love’

    Mariah Carey – ‘Vision of Love’

    Whitney Houston – ‘Saving All My Love For You’

    Now you know!

    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      Good stuff, Trent! I didn’t know this one

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Interesting, I was not aware of this fact.

    • Cliff

      i knew all this but i always love reading about it (:

    • courtney

      more people actually bought albums back then the Dixie Chicks Madonna & Brtiney Spears also all have 2 diamond albums Madonnas diamonds would be Like A Virgin & The Immaculate Collection The Dixie Chicks are Wide Open Spaces & Fly and Britney’s are Baby One More Time and Ooops I Did It Again right Baby One More Time is 15x Platinum while Oooops is 10x

    • Beyfan

      My Bey is better, she a better singer and she got more than all 3 of those nobody hoes

    • that nigga

      omg @Beyfan is such a fucking loser with no that all you do is bash other artist ?? that’s fucking sad & pathetic & secondly these artist that your bashing are your fave’s FAVE dummy

    • TheMan4u

      well actually Whitney has 3 Diamond cd’s as her “Whitney” cd has sold over 10 million copies.

    • ni

      Wow and Amazing… It would be an absolute dream if all three ladies could of done a concert together. Now that would be the Ultimate Diva Concert… Unfortunately one is now an angel. #rip Ms.Whitney :”'(

    • Beyfan

      Fuck off that nigga, nobody likes you, you just mad cause you cant except the truth, you dont know better. My fave slaughters your faves on all levels and you will bow and deal, the name is Bey, learn it, love it, live it bitch, she’s takin over the world.

    • WOW!

      @ beyfan the word is accept not except…. Your ignorance is showing…. just like in all your other comments, you don’t know what the HELL you’re talking about. Oh and Beyonce will never touch Whitney, Mariah, or Celine.

    • Salem

      Actually, Whitney hasn’t been certified since the late 90s early 2000s. So this means her second album (Whitney) at last count was around 9mill; so she sure is Diamond by now with that album

      Like I said, Whitney has been sitting at 170mill sold since the the early 00s; once she is re certified she should be over 200 mill. Her Ultimate Collection, Greatest Hits Collection has sold very well throughout the past decade.

      She is probably the most uncertified of all her peers

    • MeMe

      Beyfan u deluded fuck. Beys voice ain’t shit compare to these ladies. So sit the hell down

    • Beyfan

      @WOW & MEME FUCK YOU BOTH BITCHES, dont nobody give a fuck about you stanky motha fuckas, its all about KING BEY, and she shits on Sleeplene, Crackney, & Mooriah, Bey’s carreer kills theres, they aint nobody, Bey can sing them under the table and bring them back to life. None of them bitches can dance, and Bey can, Bey’s a better actress than them all, and her voice is prettier than any of theres ever was

    • Jessi

      This @Beyfan is such a fucking embarrassment to other Beyonce fans. smh, Please stop with the ignorance!

    • TeamBreezy

      really? How do you forget Britney Spears… who also has 2 Diamond records!!

      U suck @ doing unbiased research … no wonder this site is a flop

    • Beyfan

      FUCK you @Jessi, I hate you, you aint shit, I’ll kick yo ass yo old ugly trampy ass ho, my queen shits on you and you hate it but you keep eating you fuckin tripe

    • Bee

      LOL wow! Where did the article state that Mariah, Celine and Whitney are the ONLY female artists to have diamond albums?

    • I know you didn’t FORGET that the biggest selling female artist of the decade, Britney Spears also has two Diamond albums…

    • Beyfan

      KING BEY IS THE BIGGEST SELING LEGEND OF THE LAST DECADE AND SHE GOT ALLL GOD albums, and thats better than some cheap ass DImand. Fuck that coke ho Shitney

    • LegallySane

      That’s sad…The 3 nobody hoes paved way many artist of various genres alike! While Beyonce is a legend too, she can’t top what any of them did. Not just bc she doens’t have the power, but bc of the way times are now. I love B (big supporter), but her stans are something else…Sometimes I embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a fan..It’s pathetic how they worship her, or hell how others artist’s fans worship them them…Your schedule is that open? Find your own business to be in…

      But anyways…great post Trini, as always!

    • Beyfan

      FUCK You “Legaly LAME” you aint nobody, you probably a fuckin hater, you aint a fan, dont nobody need you the KING BEY dont need flakey ass fans like you turnin on the felow Bee’s, I mean you should just go kill yoself cause you got the nerve to call yourself a fan and then say you embarassed, go eat a monster dick that you cant swallow and leave defending the queen agains all the lessors like the 3 hoes here to me, dummy

    • courtney

      @Beyfan you’re an idiot Bey’s albums are successful yes but are no comparrison to Madonna’s Whitney’s Or Mariah’s don’t forget in the 90’s Mariah was the first artist to have her first 8 albums go triple platinum or better and have 2 sets of 5 consecutive #1 singles Vision Of Love-Emotions & Fantasy- My All. @LegallySane where do you think the word fan is derived from Fanatic

    • LegallySane

      YOU’RE GOING HAM FOR KING B RIGHT NOW! LMCO!! I’ve heard worse from better ppl *shrugs* So if that’s the way you feel, Beyfan, then okay. You have a right to your opinion as anyone else…but a fact is a fact…Ex: talking s**t behind a keyboard doesn’t make you look big…

      ookie doke =+)

      Well, these ‘3 hoes’ are still making history…past and present..

    • LegallySane

      YAS MARIAH!!!!!!! YAS NIPPY!!!!!!

    • Lawd, I see BeyFan is going to need more seats that can be given by that stadium of seats I offered him/her. Chile BOO. ONE of these “nobody’s” EXCEEDS Beyonce, nevertheless ALL 3 of them exceeding her. I like Beyonce but boy you gon’ make me drag Bey’ through mud, dust & straight to hell. LMAO. Bey’ is good, but she ain’t GREAT. So once more… SIT __/

    • Gabriel

      @Beyfan…….why are you here? No one respects your opinion and your comments are so uneducated and ridiculous. I actually felt bad for a second because if you spent half the time you spend trying to convince everyone that Beyonce is the Messiah reading a book, you just might post a single comment that makes sense!!! You are truly an embarassment. But I didnt like one of references to Whitney Houston….as regardless of her struggles she is the template. Let me hit you with some facts (and this are legit unlike yours where it appears as though youre trying to speak them into existence)
      – The FIRST woman to debut @ #1 here and in the UK is Whitney Houston.
      – The ONLY singer (PERIOD) to have 7 consecutive #1 singles is Whitney Houston.
      – The MOST awarded FEMALE artist in history is Whitney Houston
      -The FIRST female artist to sell 1 million copies of an album in ONE week is Whitney Houston with TBG Soundtrack.
      -The biggest selling single OF ALL TIME by a female artist is I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.
      -The only artist in musical history that turned the star spangled banner into a platinum POP hit is Whitney Houston.
      – The most successful female entertainer of all time is Whitney Houston. This is to include her films that have grossed closed to a BILLION dollars worldwide.
      -Who is the first female artist to enter hollywood list of highest paid actors??? Whitney Houston (10 million dollars for the preachers wife)
      -Who signed the largest record contract of all time? Whitney Houston did for a staggering 100 MILLION dollars.
      – Who has the biggest selling album in the world by a female artist? Whitney Houston as The Bodyguard Soundtrack has been certified 42X’s PLATINUM. Whats Beyonces biggest seller? oh yeah 4X’s platinum. This list could go on and on and on and on but I believe I made my point…… Let the true legend RIP and fuel your arguments with someone else!