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    Beyonce Dangerously in Love TheLavaLizard
    The cover Beyonce's 'Dangerously in Love' album.

    Did you know that Beyonce’s ‘Dangerously in Love’ was only the 30th best-selling album in the US during the last 10 years?

    Currently listed as Beyonce’s best-selling album, ‘Dangerously in Love’ has sold 4.83 million copies in the US since 2003. However, the record was far from being ranked among the top-sellers of the last 10 years (March 10th 2002 to March 11th 2012) as it only placed at #30 on the list.

    Among the albums that outsold ‘Dangerously in Love’ are Usher’s ‘Confessions’ (#3 with 9.97 million), Adele ’21’ (#4 with 8.09 million) and Nelly’s ‘Nellyville’ (#11 with 6.49 million). It should be noted, though, that only 2 albums by female R&B artists ranked in the top 30 – Beyonce’s ‘Dangerously in Love’ and Mariah Carey’s ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’. The latter LP placed at #15 with 5.96 million copies sold.

    Watch the video for Beyonce’s ‘Baby Boy (Ft. Sean Paul)’, which was her 2nd #1 single from ‘Dangerously in Love’, below:

    Now you know!

    • ¬_¬

      You just have to bring up Mimi.


    • antonio

      So how is this a music minute, I thought they were supposed to be about historical moments in music. Trent is doing just about anything to stan for Bey and MiMi #SMFH

    • Ms. Boss

      @antonio did you just call Trent a Beyonce stan?? LOL!!!!!!!!! *dead*

    • Ugh

      @antonia, since when is music minute based on historical moments? You must be new to the blog 😐

    • kingphoenix

      The shade…your next vid must be about Beyonce…becareful, bee’s do sting when they feel threatened. My stinger is willing and waiting!lol

    • Jessi

      Beyonce is one of the legends whose status isn’t based solely on sales. Kudos to Queen Bey

    • Girrrl

      Those Beyonce maniacs swear she is one of the top selling artists to ever exist. Don’t shatter their dreams like that! Lmao

    • survivor

      Beyonce status as “legendary” is MOSTLY based on sales. “Thought I wouldn’t sell without you, sold 9 million”. Oh and this one, “what does someone whose sold 100 million records do?…whatever she feels like doing.” She has always been in the numbers game: “I just wanted our first record to go gold.” She stopped caring about numbers so much which is why “4” didn’t “serve” the way her previous records did…and good for her. But make no mistake, her “legacy” is more inundated with figures and “firsts” (see her trophy case” more than it is memorable material.

    • Girrrl

      Beyonce did her biggest numbers with Destiny’s child. As a solo star, she has average sales. When she does Confessions or 21 numbers on a solo project I’ll be impressed.

    • X

      Compare their recent album sales tho, Trent!

    • Bee

      Beyonce, a legend….? Maybe in 5-10+ years time (after she has really evolved as an artist, has done much more musically and artistically, and has become a solid influence through some innovative artistry), but certainly not now. None of that can really be said of her now. That, to me is what distinguishes a legend from just being a great singer/ performer. You don’t just throw around the word “legend”. Beyonce does have the potential to be one though, I think. She is very talented and hardworking.

    • Ugh

      As much as love me some Beyonce she is not a legend! What is wrong with you people?

    • lance

      Beyonce became a legend when she joined Michael Jackson and Tina Turner as the only black artists to have individual tours gross over $100 million. Her status as a legend is justified by sooo many other factors than just sales. (Single Ladies anyone?)

    • Hugo

      This is excellent, Some of you all need to do research before you slander, bash and shade this woman, her albums always end of becoming one of the best sellers of the year she releases her album in, As we are talking about the USA here are some interesting stats:

      50 CENT – Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ : 6x platinum (8 million)
      EVANESCENCE – Fallen : 7x platinum
      JOSH GROBAN – Closer : 5x platinum
      OUTKAST – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below : 5x platinum
      LINKIN PARK – Meteora : 4x platinum (5 million)
      BEYONCE – Dangerously In Love : 4x platinum (4.83)
      TOBY KEITH – Shock’n Y’All : 4x platinum
      ALICIA KEYS – The Diary Of Alicia Keys : 4x platinum
      ALAN JACKSON – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 : 6x platinum (4 million)
      MICHAEL JACKSON – Number Ones : 3x platinum (4 million)

      TAYLOR SWIFT – Taylor Swift : 5,2 million
      RASCAL FLATTS – Me And My Gang : 4,9 million
      HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (soundtrack) : 4,9 million
      DAUGHTRY – Daughtry : 4,7 million
      JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – FutureSex/LoveSounds : 4,3 million
      FERGIE – The Dutchess : 3,8 million
      HANNAH MONTANA (soundtrack) : 3,7 million
      BEYONCE – B’ Day : 3,4 million
      AKON – Konvicted : 3 million
      SUGARLAND – Enjoy The Ride : 2,9 million

      TAYLOR SWIFT – Fearless : 6,5 million
      LADY GAGA – The Fame : 4,4 million
      LIL WAYNE – Tha Carter III : 3,7 million
      NICKELBACK – Dark Horse : 3,2 million
      BEYONCE – I Am… Sasha Fierce : 3 million
      COLDPLAY – Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends : 2,8 million
      ZAC BROWN BAND – Foundation : 2,8 million
      TWILIGHT (soundtrack) : 2,7 million
      AC/DC – Black Ice : 2,2 million
      SUGARLAND – Love On The Inside : 2,2 million

      ADELE – 21 : 6,5 million
      MICHAEL BUBLE – Christmas : 2,5 million
      LADY GAGA – Born This Way : 2,1 million
      LIL WAYNE – Tha Carter IV : 2 million
      DRAKE – Take Care : 1,4 million
      JAY-Z & KANYE WEST – Watch The Throne : 1,3 million
      LADY ANTEBELLUM – Own The Night : 1,3 million
      JUSTIN BIEBER – Under The Mistletoe : 1,2 million
      BEYONCE – 4 : 1,1 million
      COLDPLAY – Mylo Xyloto : 1,1 million

      So before you bash this woman, please research. Thank you.

    • Girl, bye

      Beyonce isn’t a legend! What has she done that’s inspired a generation? What has she done in her career that’s creative or innovative without it being a blatant copy? Is she even iconic? Talented? Yes! But so are alot people! Her songs are very forgettable!

    • Binki aka Bianca

      Hugo just proved the point of this article. DIL was Beyonces best selling album. Steady decline in her sales is clearly shown

    • WOW!

      Beyonce has to be one the most overrated “artist” of all time. Beyonce is talented and she’s a great performer, but she’s not a legend. Legend are innovators and “game changers” who have influined generations of artists

    • WOW!

      Beyonce has to be one the most overrated “artist” of all time. Beyonce is talented and she’s a great performer, but she’s not a legend. Legends are innovators and “game changers” who have influenced generations, and generations of artists. Legends = Pac, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Frankin, Janet Jackson, LLCool J, MC Lyte, James Brown, R kelly, Prince, Babyface, Etta James etc…

    • Shannon

      Beyonce will never be a legend because legends are innovators and originals and game changers, none of which is what Beyondfake is, she’s horrible, her music is mediocre, she’s not the best singer, she’s not the best performer, she’s definitely not the best dancer, and she’s quite far from being a decent actress, theres nothing about her thats special or unique, she gets by by being pretty and doing the bare minimum. If she had to compete with real tripple threats as a solo artist in the 70’s 80’s or 90’s she’d be completely forgotten and ignored

      See I gave her a complement….she’s pretty. Oh and she can sing…….thats it.

    • Marlon

      Nobody with taste likes Beyonce, only hoodrats and over the top feminine gay guys, she has no other demographic because thats all she reaches out too, Shannons right 100%.

    • Beyfan

      YALL JUST JEALOUS, AND MAD THAT MA GURL OUT SHININ YALL FAVES, SHE SOLD MORE RECORDES AND GOT 6 OCTIVE RANGE, EAT IT. I Know you mad, but get over it Trent, Moorigha is a fat old ugly pig who cant sing, my Bey is the best, nobody was ever like her, she can do it all and she slays it all, and I know yall mad cause she’s light skinned and got long beautiful hair, a rich husband a fat bank account and a pretty baby but too bad for you. She’s legendary, no women has done as much as her, she’s a trendsetter and the rest of your bitches follow but fall short. So fall back and eat ma bitches accomplishments, cause the whole world is checkin on her

    • Shannon

      I think its hilarious that Bey’s not on top of any of those 4 lists provided……….wow…… “legendary”. Bey will never be. OMG and that psycho Bey stan just proved why she’s not a legend or taken seriously

    • Pat


    • Beyfan

      She do got 6 octaves, and you just mad cause you and yo fave dont

    • Beyfan

      I hate you all, fuckers, yall just mad cause ma girl is in the now and yall faves are in the past.

    • KillBill92

      @Beyfan I’m a Bey stan and she doesn’t have 6 octaves, 3.5 not 6.

    • Beyfan

      She do got 6 octives, her voice can go higher than anybody I ever heard in ma life, and that includes Moomoo Cowey

    • that nigga

      beyonce is a wonderful artist but she does not have 6 octaves get your ears checked @beyfan !!!! & secondly beyonce is a legend at this point she’s been in the game damn near 15 years. and she has 16 grammys.I say good for her enough with the hate..we all know mariah carey is the Queen of recorded music, but beyonce is great also

    • bluedragonz100

      I just love how some people with no TALENT at ALL, have so much to say about someone who has made a name for themselves and is HIGHLY respected amongst her peers….

    • Shannon

      Longevity does not = legendary. Creativity, originality, and trend setting = Legendary. And Beyonce is none of the above, and 16 Grammy’s dont equal substance. Theres nothing about her that wont be replaced by a more talented prettier version in the next 5-10 years.

    • Beyonce

      I think Beyonce has earned her placed amongst the greats. One of the reasons I love her is that she’s an honest hard working woman with great work ethics. Numbers do not really count in the long run, music quality does. Aside from the commerical songs that you hear on the radio, she has great ballads and music that would stand the test of times. I also like the fact that she doesn’t need gimmicks, controversy or even twitter in order to get record sales…she’s a very private woman whose only tool to selling records and winning awards is pure talent. Not to mention she’s a great entertainer, that’s why her concerts literally sell out in a matter of seconds. Stans/Fans/Whatever aside, no one can deny that this is one hard working woman and she also gives 100%. Proof of this is that whenever Beyonce is performing at an awards show, people ALWAYS expect excellence from her. Like ALWAYS. And she, again, always puts out. She’s got a great team behind her and behind the nice clothes and catchy dance moves, she’s got an amazing voice. She’s well on her way on becoming a legendary diva in times to come.

      Rihanna and Lady Gaga? lol…not so much, their fame and “talent” is based on hype and controversy. Gaga is ridiculously talented and has a beautiful voice, pity that she is addicted to attention and has to go to long lengths to insult 1/3 of the world in her music videos.

    • Jellz

      Totally made a mistake with my name above…lololol. Stupid thing won’t even let me edit. XD

    • survivorSMH

      @ Jeliz, but she does utilize gimmicks to sell … “SASHA FIERCE” … just like these other artists. Gaga is hardworking. Rihanna is hardworking. Janet Jackson has great work ethics as does Mariah and Melanie Fiona and countless others. What great ballad of Beyonce’s will stand the test of time? Or has stood the test of time? Don’t worry. I’ll wait. What does being “private” have to do with having a place amongst the greats? No one is denying she is talented. She has a great team behind her as do many other artists, namely the ones you mention: Gaga and Rihanna. Hype and controversy? They’ve all had their share. Beyonce: DC4-DC3 and her “relationship” with JayZ kept secret for many years built hype not just to her musicianship but her overall popstar/celebrity appeal. Not garnering an Oscar nod for her role in a film and her writing credits for that same film. All of the writing lawsuits as well as intellectual property (dance/choreography) upsets yield controversy to her name. And ALL of these singers/starlets are addicted to “attention”. If Gaga insulted 1/3 of the world in her music videos, Beyonce took part in that too, being attached to that horrid “Telephone” and then creating her own trainwreck videos in “Video Phone” and “Run the World (Girls)”. You speak as if she is not immune, as if she hasn’t been tainted by hype and controversy. She has! All of these starlets have! It’s called celebrity. You’re making Beyonce sound like she’s Mother Beyonce or Saint Beyoncelita or something. Please!

      And you are SO RIGHT in that numbers don’t really count (to the average fan)…THE MUSIC IS WHAT COUNTS “in the long run”. But guess what? As I said up above, Beyonce MADE the numbers count to her fans when she boasted of selling 9 million in a song in which she threw the ULTIMATE SHADE!!! From that point on, half of her fanbase became rabid STANS who now throw statistics and sales figures about like gospel, in order to prove mathematically how much better she is than other artists. And when actual merit comes into play; lyricism, depth, meaning, legacy of her works, you all “upgrade” her modest-to-basic written words by “downgrading” the merits of other artists who are honest, doing their thing, working hard with good work ethics, giving their 100%, with a great team behind them, with nice clothes and catchy dance moves and stage presence and unique voices who use gimmicks, too!

    • TeamBreezy

      so overrated

    • Beyfan

      FUCK off you fuckin haters, especially “TEAM BREEZY” Suck ma dick, yall just mad cause Bey is the boss and and yo floppin as faves are lost, and she not usin no gimmics Sasha Fierce is apart of her, its who she is, everybody wanted to copy her after she did the allter ego, all yo faves keep copying her, she’s the best and yall know it and better give her her fuckin props

    • TeamBreezy

      its MY opinion … she’s OVERRATED… now get over it

    • Beyfan

      Fuck you team cheezy, in my opinion Shit Brown is overrated since he cant sing and all he do is copy everybody including the King Bey, so you stupid, and he overrated now stay mad and sit all the way down you buck tooth ass eatin piece of crap

    • Beyonce is so overrated, she is a really good singer, has great stage presence and can put on a good show but she is NOT a legend by any stretch. A legend doesn’t need to steal from writers or other artists and then pass it off as being “inspired” when caught out. Also how can she be a legend in mainstream music when she’s only sold about 25m albums as a solo artist??? Just like Gaga she’s hyped up to be bigger than she is.

    • Beyonce, not a legend. Her music is mediocre, boring, bland, repititious, annoying, one-note music, must I go on. She is a good performer, dancer but great singer she is not. She needs music with substance that you will remember and she only sells albums based upon how much clothes she wears in her videos. Seen it, now cover it up.

    • Beyfan, are you Jay Z?

    • Beyfan

      Bet yo hattin ass wish I was Jay so I could give you some money, cause you probably need it, you aint shit, HOW DARE you come for the queen, I mean for real look at you, you aint shit, go eat a baby dick and grow up you stupid biece of shit, I hate you

    • Vee

      I know her album sales have been dropping but that’s what happens when an artist puts out an album every 2-3 years. If you want to keep up with sales, in today’s society where music is so ever changing, you have to keep up with the fans and other people putting music out literally every day. But also everything seems to be digital today so idk. Anyways, Beyonce is herself. Don’t compare her to Mariah Carey who has been around longer than her and has 13 albums while Beyonce has just 4. That’s why the only people I agree on here with is the ones who say that Beyonce is “on her way” to become a legend. She has many years ahead of her, and so do other people that might pop up. But in the meantime, I know that every time Beyonce’s name comes up in a conversation, she is always thought to be just a symbol of “Glamour” and “Superstardom.” That’s thanks to her glittery styles, unique and spontanious choreography, and her style of singing. We are living DURING her career rite now. It will show in 10-20 years if the generations at that time will listen to the music Beyonce has out NOW. Besides, I don’t think she is in it for the sales. Her record company told her to re-record tracks for “4” AND her first album she came out with b/c they didn’t think they would “sell” but Beyonce declined and wanted her original work on her albums.

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    • Gabriel

      When I see another beautiful woman stand behind a mic captivate an audience both live and television viewers, wrap so much emotion into a song that the audience feels as though they are experiencing the pain with her, with vocals that are 100% live then ill call them a legend. Until then entertainer will be their title. You know what let me tell you something…..the grammys are a joke how does Whitney Houston have 6 and Beyonce have 16? It just shows the digression of music because Whitney Houston was the last true legend. Mariah and Celine not to be discredited but they are creations from a Whitney Houston based foundaton. I wish both of them would put their clothes on. Neither one of them are in their 20’s!