Sales Predictions: Melanie Fiona’s ‘The MF Life’ Set To Disappoint


    Melanie Fiona The MF Life TheLavaLizard
    The cover of Melanie Fiona's 'The MF Life' album.

    Bad sales happen to good artists as Melanie Fiona will soon discover. The R&B singer has been doing her best to avoid the sophomore slump with her new album, ‘The MF Life’, but the record is on track for a catastrophic debut.

    Released on March 20th via SRC/Universal Republic, ‘The MF Life’ is on track to sell between 23K to 27K by next week. In fact, Fiona would be incredibly lucky if the record ranks within the top 10 of the Billboard 200 as she faces strong competition from the ‘Hunger Games’ soundtrack, Odd Future and the recurring chart ruler, Adele.

    Fiona’s debut album, ‘The Bridge’, peaked at #27 on the Billboard 200. To date, the record has sold less that 360K copies in the US, although she did earn a Grammy Award nomination in the 2010 for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for her breakthrough single, ‘It Kills Me’.


    This situation is simply a result of horrendous promotion. ‘The MF Life’ is a solid R&B record but Fiona was treated like the bastard child of her label and there was little work being done to push her project prior to its release.

    Hopefully, Fiona keeps promoting ‘The MF Life’ throughout the year so that she could at least outsell ‘The Bridge’. If not then she could still hope for a Grammy nomination/win for the LP.


    • Labels never want to push people whom can actually sing yet they push people with gimmicks.

    • Nelz


    • tee

      i love mel and i didnt even know her album had came out yet
      i’ll def be picking it up now that i know
      Her label and promo sucks

    • eM

      It’s sad that good music never gets promoted and crap commercial music sells so well because the labels spend so much money on promotion. I just don’t get it! The MF Life is such a great album!

    • MyCooL

      This pisses me off! Fucking record labels never know whats good for them! I will always support this beautiful and talented young lady <3

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I’m disappointed but not surprised. It is such a great album but you know, people can’t support what they don’t know about. I don’t understand why her label couldn’t throw a little bit of coinage towards her promotion. It is ridiculous.

    • flawda

      Stop blaming the label, blame the cheap ass fans who don’t buy stuff and steal music. Ya’ll knew the album was dropping and she has been all over late night shows and BET.

    • Diva

      I like her songs but had no idea her album was even out. Honestly I don’t know what single she has out. I hear the song she had with Cee Lo on the radio all the time though.

    • baba hottie

      people should stop blaming labels blame the public instead, if ppl were patronising quality music across the board, and not just for adele, maybe labels will put out melanie’s instead of rihanna’s and kesha’s. at the end of the day, the labels are a profit seeking business so show them that talent is worth investing in

    • TeamBreezy

      It is what it is…no need to blame ANYONE! lets stop this hate please

    • The Truth

      She actually did better then I thought she was going to do o_O
      No one really knows who Melanie Fiona is as a person or artist. As an artist that is not cross-over it’s important in this day and age not only to promote but for people to know more about who they are spending their money on.

    • Juewelz03

      i bought her first album and was extremely disapointed. i expected the album to me rnb like “it kills me” instead it was everything w no direction

    • LindseyMari

      Label politics does play a role, but I just don’t think the demand for R&B/soul music is there right now. Not for big sales, at least. For the people that do want it, they’re clearly not supporting it because the numbers don’t lie. I’m disappointed though… I like singers with voices like Melanie, Keyshia Cole, and Jazmine Sullivan and they can barely sell albums nowadays.

    • Paula_MusicnMe

      I love Melanie’s album was released. If I knew her I’d suggest a radio tour. It seems to make DJ’s more likely to play the artist’s music. I’m going on iTunes now.

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    • Its not the labels fault w/ promotion but us the fans. Sure she gets airplay and we love her but we download the stuff instead of buying w/ that and than there is the commercial crap that is being played constantly. ‘music’ is suffering n ppl just want to listen to these party songs only. I love this album Ive downloaded it and as soon as it comes to SA im buying it ive already saved for it.

    • This album is too good I knw we are not reviewing it but it is on top right there, trully her best and her voice is outstanding.

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    • sasha

      this is so fucking annoying considering artists like britney and ke$ha constantly hit the nail on the head when it comes to billboard… urghhh

    • Charlie

      I didn’t even know it was out… I feel so ashamed… I wish I could buy 100,000 copies mel :'( this is b.s