Mariah Carey ‘Shakes It Off’ At ‘Plot Your Escape’ Show


    After more over a year of avoiding the stage, Mariah Carey finally retured to the stage! The diva was among several major artists, including Mary J. Blige, Maroon 5 and Diddy, who performed at the multi-city ‘Plot Your Escape’ concert last evening and she was in fine form.

    Carey performed six songs – ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Hero’, ‘It’s Like That’, ‘Obsessed’, ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ – for the ‘Plot Your Escape’ patrons at Gotham Hall. However, only her rendition of ‘Shake it Off’ aired during the live stream of the concert and the rest will presumably air during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on March 3rd.

    Watch Carey’s ‘Shake it Off’ performance below:

    Obviously, ‘Shake it Off’ was not the best song selection for Carey to demonstrate the present condition of her voice. The staccato arrangement and the constant switches between registers gave her little room to really display her abilities.

    Yet, Carey still delivered a good show and she looked amazing! Let’s wait for her performances of ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Hero’ and ‘We Belong Together’. If Carey could handle those songs live then we would truly know if her legendary voice has returned.


    • I thought she still sounded pretty good and looked beyond amazing!

    • Theman

      She sounded really great. Another thing to make mention of is the fact that she exuded lots of personality here. She was confident.. How awesome was the revamped version of “SIO”. It is way better than the original version. She did very well.

    • Theman

      She sounded amazing. She was so clear & smooth. She also exuded lots of personality. She did very well.

    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      Tuneeee!! 😀 good performance

    • Adrian

      I love it!!! Everybody be sure to show her love on Twitter if you loved it as well. That intro slayed me instantly! She looks amazing and gave a solid performance filled with confidence and personality. Mimi is doing her thing.

    • MCC

      Firstly, she actually sang 8 songs! She sang Touch My Body and Always Be My Baby as well. Secondly, she sounds fantastic. She hasn’t sounded that good in years! It’s clear her voice has improved. She sounds as good as she did at the start of the TEOM era!

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    • larry

      she sounded good but she needs to leave these simple songs alone! I wanna hear the real songs!! Im scared her voice isnt back! She didnt sound so clean this performance! :S


      Who cares about this basic bitch ? WHO ?!!

    • Ariana

      I like this one but I want to see WBT and ABMB -which are more demanding songs before I give an opinion. However, you can tell her voice has improved A LOT! We better thank those damn dem babies lol.

    • Salem

      I don’t see it. Looks like the hard parts were dubbed over while her real voice was raspy. Same stuff from Mariah as usual.

    • theeriq

      The queen is back!!!! She sounded so intimate, so fresh and voice strong dude! this a chill performance tho, hope they leak the rest of the songs to listen to some ballads aswell

    • She sounded good, like you said it’s hard to tell with a song like this though. Either way she looked GREAT and had a lot more charisma on stage than she usually exudes.
      Let’s hope her new album slays, Maybe she should drop a more serious song as the lead single because if she drops annother “Touch my body” or “Obsessed” kind of song first it’s gonna be too predictable.