Mariah Carey Has Girl Talk In New Jenny Craig Ad


    Mariah Carey blazed a trail back to the stage at the ‘Plot Your Escape’ concert last week but her return to the spotlight didn’t end there. The diva has just released a new commercial, in which she shared spoke with her fans about their struggles with weight loss, for her continued partnership with Jenny Craig.

    Carey teamed with Jenny Craig last year to help her lose the weight that she gained during her pregnancy. She has since lost a stunning 70lbs since giving birth in April 2011.

    Watch Carey’s new Jenny Craig commercial below:


    • Ariana

      This is actually a good idea to promote Jenny Craig. I want it now lol! Mariah girrrrl, you look stunning btw


    • LOL it’s so obvious she wasn’t even in the same room as those two women with all those over the shoulder with a tiny bit of “Mariah”‘s hair showing shots, never mind lol she’s a DIVA.

    • sam

      She’s lost 70lbs!? Wow, I didn’t think she was that big. She’s still quite thick as well, hope she stays the size she is though. She looks good.

    • DRB

      Probably 40 of fat at this point. The initial 40 was water weight or whatever.

    • Theman

      he is slender now. But she is a good size. She should just stay this size…

    • NKE

      i love it

    • Salem

      Why does she look fatter in this commercial vs the one that came out a few months ago? My sister said she looks old