Lil Kim Rocks ‘Rip The Runway’


    Lil Kim TheLavaLizard
    Lil Kim performs on 'Rip The Runway'.

    You’ve seen the pictures and the previews but now Lil Kim’s entire showing on BET’s ‘Rip the Runway’ has aired. The Hip-Hop icon performed a medley of her songs, including ‘Crush on You’ and her new single, ‘If You Love Me’.

    Since ‘Rip the Runway’ was filmed earlier this month, Kim has been busy promoting her upcoming album, which will hit stores later this year. Remember her rocky ‘106 & Park’ interview with Rocsi? If not then click here!

    Watch Kim’s ‘Rip the Runway’ segment below:

    Young people who are accustomed to pyrotechnics, whacky voices and Lady Gaga-styled antics probably weren’t impressed with Kim’s performance. However, she delivered a solid showing similar to the concerts of her younger days.

    Really, Kim performed exactly like any experienced rapper – she was confident, she projected her voice and other than the intro, she didn’t lip-sync her lyrics over a backtrack. All in all, Kim delivered an engaging show.


    • @codeyDAboss

      YES!!Queen Bitch of this Rap shit…Get It Kim

    • Girl, bye


    • I enjoyed it, while people on twitter were so into trying to “drag” her & what not. She knows how to get the crowd going.

    • YASSSS Trent, Kim killed it!

    • Ugh

      She did a good job.

    • larry

      Woooooow Kim went innn uno!! Im surprised!! She did well!

    • MyCooL

      DAYMN!! This is why I love Kim! She is so cute and tiny hahaha 😛

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      She did a great job. But BET really did a terrible job with the stage, it was too small to have a performance and a runway show going on simultaneously.

    • Theman

      She did amazing !!!!!!!

    • Kaley

      I really didn’t like it. I mean, she ran around a bit and I had a feeling she doesn’t really know how to walk on high heels. Just putting a label with “Fashion” on the whole thing and let some girls walk around doesn’t make her more fashion. Let me just say: It would have been enough 10 years ago, but music business became a hot plaster and you have to try to be as perfect as possible.

    • Cliff

      she did great, so happy for her. slowly making her comeback !

    • Why has Lil’Kim has a fake ass now!!!! For real??? I love Kim but that fake ass is unnecessary. That’s not hers. she never had hips or ass like that

    • Michael

      LOVED IT!!!

    • Star

      Yess she did a Great Job !

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    • MmmHmm


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