Lil Kim Rebuffs Nicki Minaj Questions On ‘106 & Park’


    Lil Kim Rocsi 106 and Park TheLavaLizard
    Rocsi, Lil Kim and Terrence J on the set of '106 & Park'.

    Lil Kim has become so focused on reviving her music career that she has finally let go of her feud with Nicki Minaj. In fact, when the tiny rapper visited BET’s ‘106 & Park’ earlier this evening, she refused to indulge in any conversation that involved her nemesis.

    When asked by ‘106’ host Rocsi to address the “elephant in the room” regarding her problems with Minaj, Kim brushed off the questions and insisted that she is “moving in another direction.” Of course, the tension in the room was heavy following the interaction.

    Watch all the action between Kim and Rocsi unfold below:

    Could it be that Kim has finally realised that feuding with Minaj was a complete waste of time and that she needs to focus her energy solely on her own career in 2012? If that’s the case then I’m truly shocked that she finally came to this crucial realisation and that it only took 2 years to accomplish it.

    Photo by John Ricard


    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      loooooooooool @ That GIF!!! *Hands up fi Jesus*

    • DavidD

      Seee… this is why nobody likes Rocsi’s b*tch ass.

    • jjenn

      rocsi stink ass lame ass sleep with married man,flirt with webbie until he asked if she want his dick..cant stand her..

    • SMH!

      Why are yall mad at Rocsi? She was just doing her job. Are all Lil’ Kim fans this immature?… @ the topic… Well it’s about DAMN time she let that go.

    • Bye.

      ^ “Doing her job”? Kim was there to talk about herself and Notorious BIG. Nicki ain’t have shit to do with her being there. Rocsi was trying to elaborate on the rapper’s comment in frestyle friday which clearly didn’t work.


      I mean Kim hasn’t said anything about Minaj in how long? Rocsi shouldn’t have asked. I bet they wouldn’t have asked Nicki about Kim.


      Welp now only if nicki Minaj can let go of the feud too…Oh wait thats the only way she can sell records…

    • X

      Kim looks cute! but those ass shots were unnecessary.

    • Jaytuecnhi

      @stupidhoeiswack Who selling records of a beef with Lil Kim if that was the case Lil Kim would be able to sell some records on her own you sound just like a stupid ass hoe

    • @codeyDAboss

      Uhh Kim looked soo cute tho…whoever doing her make up now…should do it all the time

    • REALLY Trent?! It’s blatantly been NICKI who’s dropped about 20 Kim disses, who mentions her in every interview and who restarts this shit every time she has a single to plug.
      Kim you better come correct with this for real single with that unnamed rapper because “If you love me” is corny tbh.
      Also i am not diggin that outfit/make-up ~_~ Her good make-up artist obviously works part time… đŸ˜›
      Still, Kim remains the Queen and you will accept it.

      P.S RIP Biggie.

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    • rk

      This rocsi has the most uncouthed and unprofessional moments on television whenever she is mentioned. Must be still kicking it with somebody as I don’t understand why she is on this show? There are lots of females I’m sure that could replace her. Anywho, I hope Kim prepares for this type of question in the future; regardless of not wanting to talk about it, it will resurface eventually by some professional still on last years news. Disrespectful to artists to slam them, especially when they give so much already.


      People need to stop worrying about kim’s decisions to do plastic surgery. This is what people do in the entertainment world, get over it. If you had millions like she does you would probably get some type of work done too.

      FOCUS ON THE TALENT…and lastly, STOP blaming Kim for the beef….Nicki started it by taking shots. Kim only responded. Anyway shes past that and is claiming whats hers.

    • SlamDUNK

      I Freaking LOVE This Lady IDC What No One Says About Her <3

    • cliff

      but kim didn’t release no whole album aimed at nicki, nicki did tho’

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    • shiner

      Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap/Hip Hop! QB4Life!

    • bestlife

      I can’t wait to hear the QB Lil Kim new album!!!

    • brooklynboy

      Lil Kim All Day EveryDay!
      Queen of the Rappers!

    • nycking

      Lil Kim Queen of NY!

    • Michael


    • everywherewego

      Lil Kim the best!!!

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