Finally: Lil Kim Explains Music Industry Absence


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    DJ Envy chats with Lil Kim on MTV's 'Sucka Free'.

    Following Lil Kim’s release from prison in 2006, many people were eager for her to deliver a followup to her critically acclaimed ‘The Naked Truth’ album. However, with the exception of a few random releases, the rapper strangely avoided the music scene and experimented with other ventures, such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

    Now, almost six years later, Kim has put forward a new single, ‘Keys to the City (Ft. Young Jeezy)’, and is currently preparing a new album. Yet, what exactly caused the delay? The answer to that question was finally revealed by Kim during an interview with DJ Envy on MTV’s ‘Sucka Free’.

    Watch read the transcript of Kim’s ‘Sucka Free’ interview and watch footage of her chat below:

    “When I came home from prison in 2006, I was really unhappy with my label so I wanted to get off, and I didn’t get released. I wasn’t dropped. I had to pay them. So, at the end of the day, it’s like that takes time.

    For two years, I fought and fought and fought and finally there was a break. During those two years, I did my Hollywood thing, I mean doing reality shows, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and all that good stuff. But in between me doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’, I struck up another deal. I did deal with Track Masters, and it didn’t work out, but that took another year or two.

    “Contractually, by the courts, I could not record any music. I wasn’t supposed to put any music out. Technically ‘Black Friday’ was a mixtape, so I was able to get away with that. But technically they could have come after me if I were to put out an album. I couldn’t do it. So, this is something that my fans don’t know, but now you know.

    Legally I wasn’t allowed or able to do music. And ’til this day I’m not going to say I’m glad that the lawsuit happened with Trackmasters, but it made me more of a business woman.”

    We finally know the naked truth! Kim really puzzled her fans for years with her arbitrary singles that had no clear direction and now it’s clear that she was simply a victim of a range of legals problems. Hopefully, she has left all those issues in the past and will resume a success career while releasing good music.

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    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I’m glad that she revealed this because I always thought that she was just sitting around for no reason. Now I know that she had some legal problems going on.

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    • So annoying, If she would have released an album after she came out of prison that would have been a great time for her… Labels always fuck things up for artists…



      Yes, Black Friday may not have been the best decision in terms of maintaining her stature in the industry but look at the circumstances!