Ciara To Empower Women With New Album


    Ciara TheLavaLizard

    Ciara has been hard at work on her Epic Records debut for quite some time and despite her efforts to hide details about the record, information about the project has begun to leak. Songwriter Ali Tamposi has revealed that she has contributed material to the album and noted that Ciara is aiming to empower women.

    Focusing on “angst and edge,” Tamposi noted that Ciara’s album will address women independence and feminine strength. Read what Tamposi what she said about the LP below:

    You’re a full-time songwriter these days. What’s life like?

    Honestly, I really can’t even believe that this is a real job. Today I’m going to the beach because my session doesn’t start ’til six. But there are weeks when it gets really intense.

    I usually try to take Sundays off but there are weeks when Sunday comes that I’m a wreck. And then there are things that are mellow and cool and easy. Like right now I’m working on a Ciara album, and she’s been great. It’s Livvi Franc and I who are doing most of the writing for it, and it’s been really cool and laid back so that’s been fun.

    There’s a lot of angst and edge in [Ciara’s] music and we’ve tried to be really conceptual and write things that haven’t been done before and real strong women empowerment songs. This what I’ve been really wanting to do: Focus on one project. So we’ve been doing that the last few weeks now.

    Is there a topic you haven’t covered in a song but want to?
    I really wanted to use, for years, the title “One-Woman Army,” and I just used it with Ciara. I had it initially as “One-Man Army,” and I changed it and it’s [about] a strong, really independent woman that if you’re going to be a part of her life you have to be strong, a fighter, a solider. It’s a really strong song. We’re working on that right now.

    Read more on BMI.

    Perhaps Ciara is finally on track to get the career-defining album that she needs to revive herself as a force in the industry. Hopefully, however, the record won’t sound similar to the lyrical garbage that is Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ ie a forced attempt to create a feminist anthem.

    What else can Ciara do to score a hit? Watch the latest episode of Trini Trent TV below and find out:


    • kingphoenix

      Trent all this Beyonce shade and for what? You seemed pressed babe…you really going to be mad for whats in store!

      Oh yeah, good luck Ciara…

    • hmm

      Trent is very pressed
      Using beyonce’s name for clicks and comments
      and your videos and site are still mediocre.
      Anyhoe looking forward to what ciara does with her new work.

    • Ci’Yonce

      Trent ain’t making y’all lessor hoez view his videos. #SIT. He wasn’t shading Beyonce. It’s a fucking opinion. Back to my girl CiCi she about the DETHRONE these bitchez this year. I can’t wait.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I really hope that Ciara can get it together for this go around. I would love to see her succeed.

    • like a goodies surgeon


    • tae

      and trent from the article she was not talking about the entire lp sounds like she was talking about the work she did with ciara.

    • rather listen to her then—–

      Empower Women with songs like “Get yo money girls” “Ride”?
      Get the h*ll out of here. She has to become relevant to empower anyone.

    • why you always gotta mention beyonce’s name

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