Burning Up: Rita Ora


    Label executives are always on the prowl to find artists with the right combination of marketability and talent as they strive to score a hit in this plummeting music industry. The good people at Roc Nation are certainly no different and they struck gold with this week’s Burning Up artist, Rita Ora.

    Born in Kosovo and raised in London, Ora has become a favourite among Tumblr fans who are captivated by her exotic appeal. However, she is surely more than just a pretty face and unlike many of her peers, this 21-year old can actually sing.

    Listen to Ora’s debut single ‘How We Do (Party)’ below:

    There is no question that Ora is the most visually marketable artist to hit the music scene since Rihanna. In fact, she has such an ambiguous look that it would be easy for her to be accepted by both the MTV and BET audience. Yet, there is a glaring issue that cannot be overlooked.

    ‘How We Do’ barely demonstrates a third of Ora’s ability and I sense that Jay-Z is eager to recapture the same spark that he achieved with Rihanna and failed to recreate with Willow Smith. Yes, Ora needs a Pop hit for her to crack the US market and it would be jarring for shallow consumers to hear someone with her looks singing Adele-styled Adult Contemporary ballads but she has the potential to be greater.

    Watch Ora perform an acoustic version of OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya!’ below:


    • Tim

      This is warning to Rihanna to step her vocal game up.

    • WonderLand19

      I didnt like Party and BS the first time i listened to it but i love it now. This would sound great in the summer 🙂
      I like Rita and i hope she gives music for both Urban and Pop fans. Her new song ‘R.I.P’ is utter rubbish because of the production and it sounds like a Rihanna leftover. I hope she creates her own lane. I not liking these Rih tags shes getting.
      Also, so happy that Brit are getting the attention of the global market now. Jessie J, Adele, Tinie Tempah, Chip, Rebecca Ferguson and now Rita! We got to thank the euro pop fase for that.

    • Ugh

      I had a feeling she was from one of those countries. she just has that look. i wish her luck.

    • Misty Jean

      Her voice is better suited for R&B/Soul, not dance-pop but I guess it’s more important to make a hit and quality music.




    • T.Davis

      @Misty jean I so agree. She has a voice for R&B type songs but of course ppl only like water down, reptitive, ringtone music so thats the direction Roc Nation is putting her in.These record companies only care about quantity not quality. I wish her nothing but success cause she really has talent.

    • jewerely girl

      This time I think J-zyee is right she sound better singing
      urban music. She defintely can do both pop and R &B.
      I hope she makes it big in the music business.

    • Lena_Renee

      I am so late to this girl, but glad to be a fan of her….she has a great voice and will go far!!!!!

    • Cindy

      She’s also had a number 1 here in the UK alredy with a song she’s featured on ‘Hot Right Now’ which is a dance track. I like her, she’s intresting and I’ve bin hearing about her for a couple years now its nice to see she’s finally releasing material. I’m seeing her nxt Friday at the Jazz Cafe in London, I’m looking forward to it!

    • YAAAAS

      This new girl Rita can sing and I give her that, but I don’t wan to see another Rihanna and thats the vibe I am kind of getting with her. Makes me wonder are they lookin for the next big artist to set the standard or are they looking for the next Rihanna? (No Shade)

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