Brandy & Monica Discuss Past Physical Fight & More On Hot 97


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    Monica and Brandy visit 'The Angie Martinez Show' on Hot 97.

    If you thought that Brandy and Monica’s appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club’ was intense then you haven’t seen anything yet. Indeed, the duo visited ‘The Angie Martinez Show’ on Hot 97 to continue promoting their upcoming projects and revealed that they once had a physical fight!

    Monica dropped the bomb about assaulting Brandy in 1998. The she insisted that the latter would regularly blame her everything without accepting any responsibility for their feud. Luckily, however, they have since ended their war and formed a strong friendship.

    Watch Brandy and Monica’s interview on ‘Angie’ below:


    • monnie661

      Monica is shady as shit.I don’t think she likes brandy forreal .

    • larry

      woooow that takes it to a whole new level! Dammnnn Monica

    • coffee

      Ohh lord Monica.
      Child you cant be touching on Moesha like that.
      I really love me some Monica and she has come along long way.
      Brandy looks so great and smooth.
      They are a beast together and glad they still doing music.

    • Ugh

      Monica is rachet

    • Tim

      Brandy looks very nice and smooth.

    • Girrrl

      Monica was and is probably jealous of Brandy since she was the bigger star with tv shows and movies and all Monica had were her hood songs and a track from a soundtrack. I really hope Brandy gets her confidence back and realizes she doesn’t need Monica for a comeback.

    • Maura

      Yikes, crazy! If you all are looking for some new tunes, you need to check out a new signing to Epic Records, Brandon Hines! His first single is called “Yes You Are”.
      Take a listen on Soundcloud here:

    • KendallJamaal

      The shade continues.. Monica knows what she’s doing & she has no proper PR training. She needs to curb that tongue & promote the 2012 single. Brandy needs to distance herself, drop her own single & keep it pushing. This shit isn’t funny because Brandy isn’t forewarned.

    • SparkD

      Monica was a hoodrat, and is still affected by her hoodrat past. I remember Monica said Brandy put her hand in her face, and she took it the wrong way.

    • pheno levy

      I agree they are talented singers but brandy is and will always be the bigger star. She really dosent need monica ..monica needs her..but then again thi is a good stepping stone for them and r&b …..I hope brandy gains her confidence back she truly has a great appealing that is wider…with her show in syndication…tv movies with legends that garnered millions upon millions of views…more albums sold as a solo act even bigger then beyonce album sales….

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    • coffee

      Still Standing vs Human sales…
      End of that biggest star claims.

      If the music & promo right, then the sales will be.
      Brandy knows Monica is the R&B star & Monica knows Brandy is the more commercial star. They blend and create solid efforts. They respect each other and not Monica’s fault that he gots some rawness in her but my advice is hush it sometimes cus some secrets should stay that way. xx

    • BeyonceFan

      I love Brandy. She has such an engaging personality.

    • Ebony

      I don’t like how ppl saying monica shady, but I guess ppl don’t admire or respect honesty nowadays.. shit ain’t always gon be peaches and cream. And what I hate about a lot of fans is they expect celebs not to do what everyday ppl do.. Monica said they passed that so leave it at that.. Brandy is more like hush mode with it. And if Monica had a bad PR why she still here and out making money? Ppl love to throw shade or call shade when ppl just keepin it real grow up

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    • IJS

      I dont like that monica embarrassed bran like that. Then play it off as bein “real” if it was so called the past then why put that out there to the public when u suppose to be promoting it all belongs to me? i love both of them but MOnica gets the side eye for that

    • Qklass

      That was real immature of Monica! She made Brandy feel little! Then monica wonder why no big names will work with her. She was real messy for that one and I am a Monica fan but she didn’t even have to bring that fight back up! And that song the have toghter shows NO Growth whatso ever. Immature ass song!